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Road Smart is a new brand of Socreat company, the brand management system in mainland officially forming in 2016.

Comparison of solar street lamp and traditional street lamp
LED solar street lights are environmentally friendly and energy-saving products that respond to the world calls. The market share of LED solar street lamps is increasing year by year, and the development trend must be the advancement of intelligent technology applications, the improvement of aesthetic design, the strengthening of core components (conversion of solar panels, light efficiency of lamp sources, storage density of batteries) and more. Road Smart intelligent solar street lights have always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of performance improvement and technological innovation, which will guide the industry's transformation and accelerate its development.
Road Smart promise to provide high quality solar street lights
Road Smart, as a R&D and manufacturing enterprise of intelligent solar street lamps, has always been pursuing high quality as the core concept of the company, providing customers with excellent quality products and actively responsible after-sales service. Meanwhile, Road Smart called on major manufacturers resolutely resist low quality engineering, protect lighting industry with high sense of social responsibility and mission.
The future of solar energy
In the future, fossil energy will gradually be replaced by solar energy, and the era of truly green and clean energy is coming! The solar street light, as a branch of the PV industry, will be driven by clean energy, and get a huge development. Road Smart will take advantage of the situation,continuously increase investment and technology innovation, lead the development of the solar street light industry.