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2019, Road Smart provide best lighting solution for photovoltaic industry


In recent years, with the changes in policies and advances in photovoltaic technology, the development of solar lighting industry has reached an important stage. The photovoltaic lighting market continues to differentiate, the low-end lighting products are in the quagmire of price wars, while the mid-to-high end needs to solve the problem of trust and information symmetry before they can continue to expand. The China Photovoltaic Industry Association predicts that the solar lighting industry is transforming from the fighting for scale or price to the fighting for technology and efficiency, which is the new stage and new situation of photovoltaics after barbaric growth. In this context, Road Smart is developing steadily and leading the trend of the times: provide the most professional lighting solution for the photovoltaic industry . 

What is the best lighting solution?
A package to solve the pain points of customers. Road Smart focuses on "Intelligent Solar Street Lights" all the time and currently has developed nine series of products. 2019, an important turning point for Road Smart, which not only provide high quality outdoor solar lighting products, but also competitive and comprehensive solutions based on local lighting requirements. From product to solution, Road Smart has reached a higher stage of development. Road Smart has been cultivating the market for many years, knowing that customers don’t want lighting products which is low quality or just simply assembled, but a professional solution to solve the pain points, which should be a safe and reliable turnkey project.
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What is Road Smart’s lighting solution?
Road Smart provides a systematic planned green intelligent lighting solution, which integrates advanced technologies such as photovoltaic technology, lighting technology, Internet of Things technology, monitoring technology, AI technology, intelligent control technology, data communication technology, cloud computing, radio frequency technology and big data. These solutions targeted at different scenes such as global villages and towns, municipal roads, highways, parks, campuses, new rural areas, scenic spots, accident-prone roads and aim to meets related needs including lighting, energy saving, entertainment, publicity, safety, creative design etc with a series of reliable services such as consulting, designing, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance.
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What problems can these solutions solve? 

First is about the economic benefits. With photovoltaic distributed power supply, it provides low-cost and sustainable lighting solutions for the construction of urban and rural areas, parks, roads and other scenarios (especially in places where reliable and economical power supply is not available or difficult to route). 

Secondly, solve the problem of social benefits. With intelligent control and integrated solution, we will solve the construction needs of lighting, beautification, wisdom, security, cultural communication, and efficient operation and maintenance. 

The third is to bring much ecological benefits . Through the integration of photovoltaic technology, control system and LED technology, emission reduction will be maximized, the green ecological development will be promoted, and the goal of energy saving will be achieved better

The fourth is to make customer free from worry. From consulting, design, product, construction, to operation and maintenance, Road Smart will provide customers with good accompanying services with our professional team.

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What are the advantages of Road Smart solution?

As smart solar street lamp manufacturer, in addition to product wisdom, and the solution "wisdom" is reflected in the features such as advanced, suitable, systematic, and reliable... 

Advanced: leading technology; stable operation; and with reserved interface, the system can be extended and upgraded. 

Suitable: starting from the needs of society and policy, tapping the pain points of the application scenario, and creating a feasible solution for the purpose. 

Systematic: according to the needs of the project and the characteristics of the application scenario, systematic planning in multiple dimensions including functions, products, services, etc., to meet customer needs. 

Reliable: Road Smart have the ability to provide a reliable guarantee for project construction with rich program experience, practical cases and industry-leading brands

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As a high-tech enterprise, Road Smart team focuses on core technology, adheres to independent innovation, has gained a number of technical patents and fruitful achievements in photovoltaic energy storage, lighting applications, artificial intelligence and so on. With ten core technologies, we have built a stable and reliable automatic control technology platform, and is forming our own IoT ecosystem.

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