Advantages of solar street lamp lithium battery

by:Road Smart     2020-03-02
Environmental pollution, climate warming and lack of resources have become major global problems, and seeking green and environmentally friendly energy is an arduous task we are facing. In this grim situation, smart human beings have developed a technology that uses solar energy to generate electricity. This technology has played an incisive role in solar street lamps. Lithium batteries selected for solar street lamps do not emit CO2 and SO2, which is one of the most important renewable energy technologies at present. So, what are the advantages of solar street lamp lithium battery? Shenzhen source solar street lamp factory technicians answer for you: Advantages of solar street lamp lithium battery: first, it has five product advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, economy and intelligence. Fully utilize natural light resources and wind resources without consuming mains electricity. Second, lithium battery is a controllable and pollution-free energy storage battery. In addition, the lead-acid battery solar street lamp is often criticized in the process of use, 'the new half year, the old half year, maintenance and maintenance for half a year', and the service life is short. And the new lithium battery solar street lamp its service life is generally more than 10 years, LED light source service life is generally up to 10 years (About 50000 hours), Can match the system perfectly. Third, the lithium battery solar street lamp can also intelligently optimize the calculation of the remaining capacity of the battery, the duration of day and night, the weather conditions and other factors according to the user's needs, and reasonably allocate the power consumption level, and realize the functions of light control, time control, storage and memory, etc. , which can ensure the lighting of ten consecutive rainy days. Four, lithium battery is safer, lithium battery belongs to the nature of dry battery, more stable and safer than lead-acid battery. The above is about the advantages of solar street lamp lithium battery. The Development of Science and Technology has promoted the development of solar street lamp industry. Now the application of lithium battery in solar street lamp, for the solar street lamp industry, it is a revolutionary change, which greatly reduces the cost and improves the life of solar street lamps.
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