After-sales Frequently Asked Questions about solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-02-18
With the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar street lamps are becoming more and more popular. Today, I will tell you about the common problems after sales of solar street lamps. What is a solar street lamp? The solar street lamp is powered by crystalline silicon solar cells and is maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed battery (Colloidal battery) Stored electric energy, ultra-high brightness LED lamps are used as light sources and controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controllers to replace street lamps for traditional public power lighting. Once you find that the light is not on, what should you do? (1) Please take a small video to record the working status of the light at that time. Especially the working status of the indicator light. (2) After arriving at the scene, first press the test key with a small remote control to see if the light is on? ( Please ensure that the small remote control is within an effective distance of three meters and the indicator light flashes three times at the same time) If the lamp is not on, it can be judged that the lamp works abnormally. Further investigation is required. If the light is on and the indicator light is normally flashing during charging, the external factors are relatively large, such as cloudy and rainy days. (3) Press the test key and the light will not be on, which is nothing more than a problem with four accessories, namely, controller, battery, solar panel and light panel. Flying crane lamp, sail lamp and Nighthawk lamp are connected to the four-core wire of the solar panel, and the indicator light of the controller is on but the light source is not on? The light is not on, the indicator light is flashing? Reason: the controller detects that the battery is not charged and the battery is over-discharged. Cause of battery overdischarge :(1) If the number of flashing red indicator lights is very large and there are too many rainy days, it has exceeded the maximum number of rainy days that the lamps can bear. (2) If it is an individual phenomenon, please consider the surrounding environmental factors. Such as severe occlusion, board orientation, etc. (3) If it appears in the north or where snow falls. This may be because there is snow on the board and the board cannot charge the battery. After the solar panel is connected, the lamp is always on during the day or at night? Answer: The four-core wire of the solar panel connecting the lamp cap is open. As shown in; After the lamp head is lit, press the remote control and there is no response? A (1) Pay attention to the effective distance of infrared remote control. The maximum distance of remote control is 3M when the light is on and 5M when the light is off. The remote control distance for lighting during the day should be less than that at night. (2)The remote control fails. Try replacing the remote control. How to inspect our solar street lamps? (1)What is the purpose of our inspection of street lamps? Arrange the inspection route reasonably according to different installation places and installation quantity. (2) Since our remote control is infrared, the distance of receiving parameters is limited. Try to avoid reading parameters during the day. You can record the parameters one by one in the dark, and disassemble the lamp during the day and then analyze it. How to judge whether the lamp is abnormal through the status parameters during the inspection? (1) Judging by the battery HV and LV in the first seven days, one day the battery voltage was lower than 9. 3 V, or HV is more than 20 volts, which is almost close to the no-load voltage of the solar panel. Usually, it can be judged that the lamp may be abnormal and divided into the following situations :(2)Judged by the number of overcharge and overrelease; Generally speaking, the closer the number of over-discharge is to the number of running days or the higher the probability that the lamp will be abnormal if it exceeds the number of running days. The closer the number of times is to the number of running days, the better the running state and lighting conditions of the lamp are. Key words: Solar street lamp price.
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