Analysis of irradiation angle of LED solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-04-13
The solar street lamp system belongs to an independent solar photovoltaic power generation system, which consists of solar panels, storage batteries, lamps, control boxes, street lamp poles, etc. The solar controller is applied to the solar photovoltaic system and coordinates the work of solar panels, storage batteries and AC/DC loads. It is the most important component in the photovoltaic system. The operating parameters of photovoltaic power supply system are collected in real time and at high speed, and the single-channel or multi-channel photovoltaic cell array is connected and disconnected by software program according to certain control rules. It is stored in the battery pack through the charge and discharge controller. Compared with other street lamps, solar LED street lamps are easy to install and have their own systems. They do not need to dig ditches and bury wires, but only need a base to fix. After that, all the control parts and lines are placed in the lamp holder and can be used directly. When the light is dark at night, the charge and discharge controller is used to automatically detect the light and control the battery to discharge the lamp cap. In order to protect the battery and avoid overdischarge, the battery discharges 8. After 5 hours, the charge and discharge controller automatically moves and switches. The high-power LED street lamp cap has a long service life and is 5 ~ of the traditional lamp ~ 10 times. The LED light source adopts the most mature white light 1W package at present, and the surface is soldered to 1. The aluminum substrate is installed on the aluminum-based circuit board with a thickness of 5mm, and then the aluminum substrate is installed on the radiator plane to ensure that the heat is quickly transmitted to the radiator. As the function of energy-saving lighting, LED lamps may no longer be its selling point, but use LED lamps as a Node carrier of HEMS, a micro network, to collect all kinds of information and carry out communication networking between lamps and lanterns, communication between lamps and control center. The modular integrated design of street lamps can be arbitrarily combined into products with different power and brightness requirements. Each module is an independent light source and can be exchanged. Local faults will not affect the normal operation of the whole lamp. In order to save limited energy, the application range of solar LED street lamps in the market is becoming wider and wider. As an embodiment of new energy, it has the advantages of environmental protection and renewable energy, and more and more cities begin to use it. As an outdoor lighting product, it has countless advantages and can solve many environmental protection problems for the society. In the future, solar energy distributed families will be equipped with various energy-saving appliances, including LED lamps and energy storage facilities. There will be a set of HEMS wireless network to manage these load terminals, energy storage terminals and solar photovoltaic power generation terminals.
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