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Analysis of traditional street lamps and LED solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-04-09
In recent years, we can see the figure of solar street lamps beside most rural roads. In the construction of new countryside, LED solar street lamps have gradually replaced traditional street lamps and become the preferred product for outdoor lighting in rural areas. Then what are the reasons that determine the dominant position of LED solar street lamps. We might as well make a brief comparison with traditional street lamps from the following aspects. First, the installation of simple LED solar street lamps does not require cable laying: when installing solar street lamps, only a cement base is needed, and then screws are used to fix them on the flange plate, save a lot of comprehensive costs. The installation of the source Solar smart street lamp is simple and convenient, only a screwdriver and a wrench can be completed, and it is also convenient for later repair and maintenance. Second, the electricity consumption of the mains lighting street lamp has a high electricity fee, and it is necessary to maintain and replace the line and other configurations for a long time, and the maintenance cost will increase year by year. The LED solar street lamp is completely free of charge on electricity, and the maintenance cost is also low, which really benefits the people. Light effect even if the ordinary 250W light source of the traditional sodium lamp is compared with the 60 w led light source of the source solar intelligent street lamp, the source solar intelligent street lamp has greater light intensity and better sight at night. IV. Safety the city power lighting street lamps have brought many potential safety hazards due to the transformation of construction quality and landscape engineering, aging of materials, leakage of electricity, abnormal power supply, conflicts between water and electricity pipelines, etc. LED solar street lamp is an ultra-low voltage product with stable, safe and reliable operation. Through these comparisons, it is not difficult to see that LED solar street lamps have obvious advantages in these aspects. At the same time, LED solar street lamps are also green and environmentally friendly products and energy-saving products in response to the call of the country and the world. At present, the market share of LED solar street lamps is increasing year by year, and the development trend of LED solar street lamps must be improved from the core accessories ( Conversion of solar panels, luminous efficiency of light sources, storage density of batteries) The introduction of aesthetic design and the improvement of more intelligent technology application. The source Solar smart street lamp has always been at the forefront of the industry in the improvement of accessories and scientific and technological innovation, which will guide the transformation of the industry and accelerate the development of the industry.
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