Anti-theft method of solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-03-07
The dirt and other debris in the cement tank where the battery compartment is placed in the foundation of the solar street lamp should be removed to ensure that there is no foreign body blockage in the drainage hole. At the same time, whether the battery voltage is normal or not should be detected. If there is any abnormality, it will be judged as a nonconforming product and installation is prohibited. Disassemble and assemble the storage battery compartment and lift it with a crane and put it into the pre-built Foundation, then put two double steel wire ring hoops on the connecting hose, and then pass the storage battery wire through the prefabricated pipe of the ground cage, evenly coat the prefabricated pipe with a layer of 7091 sealing silica gel, then insert the other end of the connecting hose into the root of the prefabricated pipe, and fasten the bolt on the double steel wire hoop with a screwdriver. 1: compared with the traditional street light pole, the cost of yangneng street light is higher, and the technology of anti-theft and stability is not mature enough. It should be set up in public places or safer places in the city, not easy to install in suburban areas; 2: The solar street lamp battery is easy to be stolen because it is beside the road. Many solar batteries are stolen. The best way to prevent theft is to use a cage to package it and bury the solar street lamp in advance, the upper part of the threading pipe is exposed to the ground by 300, and the pouring surface should be leveled to prevent the lamps from tilting. 3. Pay attention to the safety monitoring of solar street lamps, and set up a monitoring system or install an alarm system in places that are easy to be stolen, so as to know the usage of solar street lamps in time and carry out effective management. 4: waterproof test, dustproof test, aging resistance test, seismic test, salt spray corrosion resistance test and other related test equipment, all-round testing and inspection of various parts of the product.
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