Application of solar street lamp controller

by:Road Smart     2020-03-18
Nowadays, when night falls, the solar street lamps installed on the rural roads will be particularly eye-catching, and the bright lights emitted by the street lamps illuminate the whole road, it added a beautiful scenery to the originally dark road. One of the core components of the solar street lamp system, the quality of the solar street lamp controller directly affects the working stability of the whole street lamp system. The application of solar street lamp controller not only controls the simple work of street lamp opening at night and closing during the day, but also has various protection functions such as battery overcharge, overdischarge protection, solar cell overvoltage protection, load short circuit protection, etc. The solar street lamp controller determines the charging mode according to the battery state at the starting time of charging. If the battery is in the over-discharge state, it enters the lifting charging mode; If the battery is in the undervoltage state, it will enter the direct charging mode; If the battery is in the floating charge state, it will enter the floating charge mode, and if the battery itself is overpressure, it will continue to stay in the overpressure alarm state. When the lifting or direct charging is completed, the solar street lamp controller turns to the floating charging state. When the battery voltage drops below the direct charging return point due to the load power consumption, the controller turns to the direct charging state again. At this time, if the load continues to use electricity and the solar panel cannot provide sufficient charging energy, causing the battery voltage to continue to drop to under-voltage or even below the over-discharge point, the solar street lamp controller will enter the over-discharge protection, turn off the load and turn it into a state of lifting charge. The solar controller can also reduce the brightness in the middle of the night according to people's needs. In this way, the energy-saving effect can be achieved, and the service life of the solar street lamp can be guaranteed, and the solar street lamp can still maintain the same color temperature under different brightness. In the past, street lamps did not have power control or dimming function. The application of solar street lamp controller is introduced here. In recent years, we can find that the cost of solar photovoltaic devices and high-power LED devices is reduced, and under the background of increasing shortage of energy, the popularity of solar street lamps has been further expanded and has been widely used.
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