Are solar street lamps affected in winter?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-24
Solar street lamps rely on solar panels to absorb solar light to obtain energy, and convert the obtained energy into electric energy and store it in the battery pack. When lighting products need to be lit, the battery will continuously release electric energy. In northern China, the winter wind is cold and the sun is light. Is the use of solar street lamps affected? The normal condition of solar street lamps will not be affected in winter. However, it will be affected a little if it meets the snowy days after being frozen for several days. Especially in the northeast region of our country, heavy snow often occurs in winter. Once the solar panel is covered by a thick layer of snow, it will affect the solar panel to absorb the sun's light, thus affecting the conversion of solar street lamp electric energy. In addition, in extremely cold weather, the activity of the battery will be correspondingly weakened. In addition to the extremely cold weather in northeast China, the extreme weather in northern China is rare, so it can be said that solar street lamps are basically unaffected in winter. In most areas of northern China, if there is light snow or sleet, solar street lamps can be used normally and can be ignored; If you encounter extreme blizzard weather, you can also clean up the snow on the panel slightly to avoid covering the shadow area formed by the solar panel, resulting in uneven conversion of the solar panel.
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