Assembly skills of street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-02-23
The street lamp should be insulated first → street lamp installation → Electrical equipment installation → test, pressure test → self-inspection and completion acceptance of the electrical system, according to the civil construction sequence, do a good job of concealed cable embedded line pipe, at the same time do anti-embedded pipe blockage of work. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the link between the street lamp line and the ground is relatively firm. For the street lamp, it will be on both sides of the road for a long time, so the stability of the line will affect whether the solar street lamp can play a normal lighting state, at the same time, his stabilizing effect will also affect the stability of the street lamp system. Solar street lamps produced by solar street lamp manufacturers mainly use radiation as energy to irradiate to the photoelectric pool, and then fully charge the components. Therefore, when installing lamps and lanterns, it is very important to choose the specific location. It is best to choose any place that can be irradiated at any time, and never have leaves to block. Be careful not to clip the wires on the lamp post. Insulation tape should also be used at the junction of wires. One of the main purposes of this is to prevent electric shock and thus ensure safety in daily use. I. When the middle pole lamp and the high pole lamp are installed in place, they are constructed by combining machinery and labor, and special signalers are arranged, and the surveyors follow up the operation to ensure the installation quality of the pole. II. Fully understand the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources and light poles, and reasonably select solar lamps, light sources and light poles in combination with investment budget to give full play to the high efficiency and energy saving of light sources, the advantages of light distribution and accessory combination of solar lamps. Three: combined with road engineering, timely and early intervention in rod position selection, foundation construction and pre-burial, reasonable change, quality assurance and investment saving. Four: in the process of use, in order to ensure aesthetics. The components of the battery can better receive solar radiation, so the street lamp components should be maintained and the battery components should be cleaned. Five: hoisting operation should strictly abide by the operating rules. Pay special attention to the network lines and other lines around the hoisting equipment, as well as the surrounding structures. The lifting points should be reasonable during hoisting and adjusted in time after positioning. Six: Electrical equipment installation :(1) The switching contact of the secondary circuit auxiliary switch should be accurate and reliable. (2) After the materials arrive at the site, they can be installed and used after opening the box for inspection and passing the inspection. (3) The center line of the moving contact and the static contact should be consistent, and the contact should be in close contact. (3) Mechanical locking and electrical locking should be accurate and reliable.
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