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Can solar street lamps use high-power Street Lamp caps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-26
Nowadays, solar street lamps gradually replace the street lamps of traditional public power lighting, because solar street lamps are energy-saving and environment-friendly, efficient and pollution-free, and do not need to lay cables, winning the love of users. The components of the solar street lamp interact with each other, so they need to be matched well when choosing, such as the power size of the solar street lamp cap, whether it is suitable to use high-power lamp cap, then, can solar street lamps use high-power Street Lamp caps? Source code (RoadSmart) Solar street lamp technicians answer for you: 1. Battery power cannot guarantee lighting duration: If solar street lamps use high-power Street Lamp caps, it is difficult for battery power to reach lighting duration, this alone makes the high-power street lamp head retreat. The energy-saving and efficient solar street lamp is also built on the led street lamp head with appropriate power. Customers must pay attention to this when purchasing solar street lamps. 2. The solar panel has a large load on the lamp pole: if a high-power lamp head is selected, the area of the panel must be very large, however, if the solar panel is too large, it will inevitably generate a large load on the street light pole, the area is too large, the wind resistance becomes larger, the risk factor is increased, and the potential safety hazard does not meet the original intention of the application of solar street lamps. 3. Heat dissipation performance: the heat dissipation performance of the traditional high-power street lamp head is not ideal, which is a problem existing in many peers, because the light source power is large, the heat cannot be quickly emptied upward, and the heat accumulation is too much, it is easy to cause the problem of heat dissipation of lamps, seriously affect the service life of street lamps, and even endanger the safety of pedestrians or cause the situation of lights. However, the high luminous efficiency lamp bead of the source solar street lamp does not have this problem. The luminous efficiency of the multi-core LED reaches 210lm/w, which is 75%higher than the ordinary luminous efficiency of 120lm/w, and the problem of heat dissipation of the high-power street lamp head has been solved. The above is the explanation about whether solar street lamps can use high-power street lamp holders. It is very important for solar street lamps to choose the right power street lamp holders. Don't blindly choose high-power street lamp holders. The above three problems can't be solved, it is difficult to apply high-power Street Lamp caps to solar street lamps, but street lamps combining solar energy and mains can try high-power Street Lamp caps.
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