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Can solar street lights work normally on rainy days?


Solar street lights, as the name implies, are the street lights that are powered by solar energy, so without the sun light, how should solar street lights work on long-term rainy weather condition?

In order to answer this question, we need to understand lamp working principle. The basic principle of solar street lamps is that solar cells convert solar radiation energy into electricity during the day, which is stored in the battery by intelligent controller. At night, the battery starts to discharge and supply power to the lamp. 

For solar street lamps, it is necessary to meet lighting requirements on continuous rainy days for a long period. There are three main points which is helpful to achieve this goal. First, improve the conversion efficiency of the solar power. On the one hand, we can choose solar panels which have higher conversion efficiency per unit area. On the other hand, we can increase the area of the solar panels, that is, increase the overall power of solar panels. Second, increase the capacity of the battery.On rainy days, solar energy cannot be continuously supplied, thus the solar street lights need a large capacity battery to store electricity and enable discharge power in a stable and sustainable manner. The third point is from the technical perspective, which is intelligent power regulation technology. The solar street lights should automatically sense the recent weather conditions, and rationally plan the discharge power.

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Can solar street lights work in rainy days? 

The solar street lamp itself are totally waterproof and high quality batteries is able to store large amount of energy. Therefore, solar street lights can work in rainy days. If the rainy days last for weeks, it depends on the configuration of the street lamp and how many continuous rainy days the system can support.  

Can solar street lights be charged on rainy days? 

Solar panels can also be recharged on rainy days, but the amount of charge will vary depending on the degree of rainy weather. Usually, solar street lights are equipped with battery charging and discharging devices. They charge themselves automatically when the sun shines. On a cloudy or rainy day, the sun's light is weak and the amount of charge is relatively weak. 


It should be mentioned that all Road Smart solar street lights can work normally in consecutive rainy days. Such bad weather condition has been taken into account from the very beginning when Road Smart team design solar outdoor lights. Besides, Road Smart solar street lights is equipped with high performance and high conversion efficiency solar panel which means some electricity can still be generated by the panel even on rainy day. In addition, Road Smart intelligent control system have the function of intelligent monitoring and power adjustment which enable the outdoor solar lights automatically judge the weather conditions, and properly adjust the lighting power to achieve a perfect balance between lighting power and discharge time.

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