Characteristics of solar street lamp controller

by:Road Smart     2020-03-16
With the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, we are no stranger to the solar street lamps that can be seen universally. They are the most widely used energy-saving street lamps on the market. Usually, the street lamps we see will light up automatically at a certain time and turn off when the sky is gray, which is controlled by the solar street lamp controller, what did we know about the solar street lamp controller before? Today, the source code technicians will introduce the characteristics of the solar street lamp controller. 1. Control the output period: the solar street lamp controller can set the time period, and the output current starts to work when the time period is set. 2. Adjustment of output power: in the application of solar street lamps, the power is adjusted. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of the LED lamp, such as adjusting the street lamp to 30W in the early morning and 15W in the late night to save energy, thus locking the current to meet the lighting demand at night, it also saves the overall configuration and budget of storage battery and solar panel, and can greatly and effectively prolong the service life of LED lamps. 3. Guarantee current constant current output: Because the LED itself needs to carry out constant current or limit current through technical means, otherwise it cannot work normally. The general LED lamp usually adopts the method of adding a driving power supply to carry out the constant current of the LED, but this needs to bring power loss, making the independent driving power supply consume more power, so this way is not very desirable. The above is the characteristics of the solar street lamp controller introduced by Xiaobian. It can be seen that our solar street lamps generally realize automatic switching. I hope everyone can understand. Solar street lamp controller is a very important issue, and everyone must pay special attention to it.
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