Common problems in the use of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-29
With the development of technology, the current street lamps are converted by solar photovoltaic, which can achieve energy saving, safety and convenience. However, there will be some problems in the use of solar street lamps. What are the common problems in the use of solar street lamps? The following is a few common ones compiled by the technicians of Shenzhen source solar street lamp manufacturers. In the future, the relatively simple problems can be solved by ourselves. 1. Controller detection: the red light of the controller indicates that it is charging, the red light flashes to indicate that the battery is full, and the controller is charging with a small pulse of current; The yellow light of the controller indicates that the battery has lost power and cannot be turned on normally. If the battery line is disconnected and connected again, the light will turn on, at this time, the controller detects that the battery capacity rises after a day's charging, not the floating voltage of the battery (Disconnect the pick-up voltage of the load). 2. Solar panel: if the connection of the solar panel is not very firm, it will not be able to charge normally, and the usual performance is voltage (Voltmeter test), The normal open circuit voltage is at 17. Above 5 V; But there is no current. This phenomenon is that the wires of the battery board are not well connected (Virtual welding occurs in welding or the joint is not firm) The troubleshooting method can directly use voltage and ammeter to detect data after the black electrical appliance cover behind the battery plate is opened. If there is no current directly from the aluminum berth of the battery plate, it means that the battery plate has problems to be replaced. 3. led light source: the light source can work normally under normal battery voltage. If the light is not on, the positive and negative poles of the lamp can be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery for testing, if the light source can light up; It means that the lamp is good and the solar controller does not supply power to the lamp. At this time, the phenomenon is: rainy days are long and the battery voltage is not enough ,(The protection voltage of the controller to the battery is 11. 3V and 22. 6 V, as long as the battery is lower than the following voltage, the controller will force the lights off)You must wait for the battery to be fully charged again; The voltage rises to 12V (24 V)Only after that can the lamp work normally. If the solar street lamp is directly connected to the battery, it is not bright, indicating that there is a problem with the lamp. This phenomenon should be: there is a problem with the circuit control component of the adjustment control lamp (Large current, large voltage breakdown or component shedding)In this case, contact the factory for replacement in time. 4. Line damage: Because the solar street lamp uses 'low-voltage wires', each cable is composed of many thin copper wires. We can't see the surface of the copper wire in the insulation layer after we accidentally cut it off during installation, but at this time there can only be voltage but the current cannot pass, and the lamp will not light up within a few days after it is installed ( No current can not be charged, the battery is used up). In addition, the insulation layer of the line is crushed during installation, and the line is conducted through the light pole, causing a short circuit. The short circuit of the battery plate will not charge electricity, the short circuit of the battery will spark, and the short street lamp will not light. 5. Battery: the battery should be charged and discharged normally under normal conditions. If the voltage is above 12V during detection, the lamp is connected (Load) After the voltage is reduced in a short time, the battery is damaged; In addition, the battery causes a short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes when the waterproof shell is flooded, and the correct voltage cannot be detected. Usually, it is a high voltage for a while and a low voltage for a while. Due to the water inflow, the battery discharge too much voltage drops below 10 V, at this time, the battery can be used normally after normal small current cycle charging and discharging. If it cannot be used normally, it needs to be replaced. 6. Lamps are also lit during the day: The lights cannot be turned off during the day; This kind of situation indicates: 1. The solar panel does not charge the battery through the controller during the day, and 1 or 2 methods are used to detect the solar panel and the controller. 2. When the controller is connected, the positive and negative poles are reversed, causing the components of the controller to burn down. The above is about the common problems in the use of solar street lamps. We only understand the faults that are easy to occur in solar street lamps. When we encounter problems in use, we can solve them quickly. The average life of LED is more than 50000 hours; The service life of the special battery for solar energy is 5-12 years. Many large-scale projects have adopted green, environment-friendly and energy-saving solar street lamps developed by Yuanchuang.
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