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Lamp power, Pole height and Road width


Traditional led street light VS High pressure sodium lamp

Traditional led street light (Watt)High pressure sodium lamp (Watt)Pole height (Meter)

Note: the above table is for reference only

In recent years, the performance and energy efficiency of LED lighting products have been greatly improved, enabling led street lights to be widely used in urban lighting projects and road lighting construction. In many cases, LED street lights can completely replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. Under the same brightness conditions, LED street lamp consume much less power than that of high-pressure sodium lamp, which makes led lighting more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When choosing LED street light, it is necessary to clarify where these lights will be installed? Will they be installed in the industrial park, pedestrian street, commercial street, municipal road or some other place? In different scenes, people should choose different installation height and street lamp power.

Road Smart solar led street light

Solar led street light (Watt)Pole height (Meter)Road width (Meter)
12m and above
15m and above

Note: the above table is for reference only

At present, the light source efficiency of LED can reach 100lm/w. Road Smart team conduct a secondary development of the Bridgelux chip, making the light efficiency of led chip up to 210lm/w. The company's unique secondary optical design makes our solar LED street lamp possess professional light distribution solution. The brightness is more uniform, the illuminated road surface is wider and more reasonable, which further improves the utilization of light. Such high-efficiency lighting technology makes Road Smart street solar light more energy-efficient, ensuring longer lighting time without sacrificing brightness.Road Smart-Comparision Of High Pressure Sodium Lamp, Traditional Led Street Light

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