Comparison between solar street lamps and traditional street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-25
In recent years, LED solar street lamps have gradually replaced traditional street lamps in the construction of new countryside and become the preferred product for outdoor lighting in rural areas. Then what are the reasons that determine the dominant position of LED solar street lamps. What is the difference between LED solar street lamp and traditional street lamp? Let's make a brief comparison. Before the comparison, first understand the working principle of the solar street lamp: during the day, the solar street lamp is controlled by the intelligent controller. The solar panel absorbs the solar light and converts it into electrical energy, the solar cell assembly charges the battery pack during the day, and the battery pack provides power to the LED light source at night. Solar street lamps are obviously different from traditional street lamps in core components, LED whole lamps, batteries, external structures, solar panels, etc. Core component comparison: LED whole lamp comparison: battery comparison: external structure comparison: solar panel comparison: light distribution lens: lamp bead comparison: Controller comparison:
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