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Components of solar street lamp product price

by:Road Smart     2020-03-31
The price of solar street lamp power generation equipment is affected by design and construction. Photovoltaic design, construction and installation are important links in photovoltaic power stations. That is, if the better components are used, if the design is unreasonable and the installation is unscientific, the power generation is still not high, and even the equipment is scrapped in advance. Because of the difference in style, the price of the street lamp head varies greatly. At present, the most commonly used lamp on the market is Golden Bean lamp, and its simple shape ranges from 20- 200 W, if there is no rigid requirement for the lamp cap, it can be used. On the other hand, the weight of the lamp shell is also the same kind of street lamp head, and the price is also different. The greater the weight of the aluminum die-casting lamp head, the greater the heat dissipation and strength. The choice of solar street lamp controller is often ignored by engineers. The controller also has uneven quality. The market price of 12 V/10A controller is 150- 200 yuan, although it may be the smallest part of the whole solar street lamp lighting system, it is a very important link in the whole system. (1) Battery PACK generally refers to packaging, packaging and assembly, and battery PACK generally refers to combined batteries, because lithium batteries form a certain voltage and capacity through series and parallel connection of single lithium batteries, assembly process that can charge and discharge. For example, two batteries are connected in series to form a specific shape according to the customer's requirements, and we call it PACK. The design of lithium battery PACK structure PACK involves many aspects: for example, mechanical structure design should consider strength, earthquake resistance, heat dissipation/heating, waterproof, dustproof, etc; To consider electrical design, to consider safety regulations, to consider overshoot, over discharge, over temperature, detection accuracy, battery equalization, etc, to ensure the safety and reliability of batteries, it must be verified by reasonable design and market. (2) The service life of the battery should also be considered in the application of the whole street lamp system. The General Battery warranty is three or five years, however, some actual charging rates of ordinary batteries may drop to about 50% in one year, which will definitely affect the normal lighting at night during continuous rainy days, so it is especially important to choose a better battery. (3) Solar street lamp panels can provide energy during the day and electricity at night. Similar to transistors, panels are all composed of semiconductors. Their main material is silicon, which also contains some other alloys. The surface of a solar panel consists of two parts with different properties. (4) Before starting to install the solar lamp battery, open the box and take out the system diagram of the battery. The installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the system diagram of the battery, and no missing system components are allowed to be installed, all system parts should be completely consistent with the model specifications specified in the installation drawing. Solar System in the installation of attention, the installation of solar street light battery must pay attention to the above mentioned problems. (5) The controller is also one of the core components of the solar street lamp, because it can protect the safety of the system, control the working time of the solar street lamp, and prolong the service life of the product, thus reducing the maintenance cost of the customer. (5) The solar pullover bracket is mainly customized according to the size of the solar panel. It needs to be treated with the whole hot galvanizing to reach the standard. The price in this area is basically kept at the price of about 70 yuan. (6) The price of the ground cage is determined according to the height of the solar street lamp selected by the customer. The parameters of the ground cage include M14, M16, M18 screws and customized sizes. Mainly to distinguish the diameter of the screw size, many manufacturers will use non-standard size to fool customers, in order to achieve the purpose of cost savings. (7) The price of the light pole is mainly affected by its shape, wall thickness, upper and lower caliber, flange size and bottom plate thickness. The service life of the lamp pole using integral hot galvanizing can reach 21 ~ 25 years, is the customer's first choice.
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