Design and configuration of solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-03-08
With the increasing shortage of earth resources and the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar power generation has developed by leaps and bounds in the field of street lighting. Today, I will introduce you to the solar street lamp system and its components. Photovoltaic street lamp system design: 1. Configuration design: battery capacity = light source power X lighting time X rainy days ÷ discharge depth (Loss) Solar panel power = light source power X lighting time X loss ÷ effective lighting time luminous flux = power X-ray efficiency: for example: customer demand: lighting 2400LM, lighting mode: Dark 1 hour 100% power, 3 hours 70 hours, 30% to dawn. Ensure that the local effective lighting effect time is 4 hours for 2 rainy days without charging. Resource Integration: Our lamp efficiency can reach 150LM/W, and the corresponding power of 2400lm is equal to 2400/160 = 15 W. The lighting mode is calculated as 12 hours a night, which is equivalent to 100% power operation 5. 5 hours, configuration design: Power = luminous flux/luminous effect, solar panel power = light source power X-ray source time X loss/effective illumination time battery capacity = light source power X-ray source time X rainy days ÷ discharge depth (Loss) That is, light source power: 15W solar panel power: 15 w x 5. 5H X2/3 = 55W battery: 15 w x 5. 5H X2/0. 9 = 183WH 2. Functional design. Different types of lamp types are equipped with different controllers and use different functions. 3. Safety and reliability design: structural strength and safety: waterproof grade: anti-corrosion: simulated transportation: appearance, use scenario: Key words: Solar street lamp price.
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