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Design technology of solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-03-04
Generally speaking, the solar street lamp mainly consists of solar cell components, component supports, electric control boxes, lamp poles and other parts. The lamp pole is the supporting part of the whole street lamp, which has higher requirements on its hardness, height, wind resistance, anti-corrosion, etc. Through a series of processing, the surface is sprayed with 80μm anticorrosive coating. The working principle of street lamp control system: the photovoltaic cell charges the battery during the day and the battery provides electricity for street lamp lighting at night. The battery will form a charge and discharge cycle. The solar street lamp lighting control circuit includes four parts: photovoltaic cell, storage battery, street lamp and controller. The peripheral circuit of street lamp mainly includes solar cell voltage sampling module, battery voltage sampling module, keyboard circuit module, LED display module, charge and discharge control module, etc. Fig. 1 is the structural design of solar street lamp controller. 1: lamp design, the material must be aluminum casting alloy, the thickness must meet the requirements, the lamp body is not allowed to have cracks, holes, all parts of the joint to have a good contact point, the buckle part is the most important, in the past, because of the unreasonable design of the buckle, a large number of lamps were damaged after each strong wind. The upper part of the lamp is opened directly, and important components such as ballast are fixed on the lamp body to prevent safety accidents caused by component falling off after the lampshade is damaged. 2: The Foundation of solar street lamp, as the hidden project of street lamp project, is also a very important part of the overall windproof and safe use of street lamp. C20 concrete should be selected for pouring, the choice of anchor bolt depends on the height of the lamp pole. The 8m lamp pole should choose Φ20 Bolt with a length of 1100 and a foundation depth of 1200; The 10m lamp pole should be Φ22 Bolt with a length of 1200 and a foundation depth of 1300mm. Solar street lamp brand.
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