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Do you know the secret about the Moonlight lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-08
Shenzhen Yuanchuang intelligent lighting Co. , Ltd. is a company specialized in research, development, production and sales of integrated solar street lamps. Once the moon lamp is on the market, it has received positive response and unanimous recognition from customers. Do you want to know the secret? Advantage 1: The moon lamp is a solar energy integrated product developed, designed and produced by Yuanchuang. Yuanchuang has invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. Advantage 2: Advantage 3: compared with the current solar panels on the market, polycrystalline, fragmented, source creation is all single crystal silicon wafers, and the whole piece is cut. Yuanchuang single crystal silicon wafer market polycrystalline and fragment advantages 4: compared with the dismantling batteries used in similar products, Yuanchuang solemnly guarantees that the batteries used by Yuanchuang are all original A- Class batteries. Advantage 5: compared with other products on the market, there is no surface treatment. The Source of the moon lamp is all shiny silver and high-quality outdoor paint, and the car painting is of the same grade. The appearance of the product is more upscale and fashionable. Advantage 6: LED lamp beads, most of the similar products are currently used in indoor lamp beads, and the lamp beads used in the source are high-power high-efficiency lamp beads, mainly used in outdoor lighting, the luminous flux is above 180lm. The luminous flux of indoor lamp beads is about 100lm. Lamp bead cost difference 3-5 times. Advantage 7: compared with similar products, there is only one mode of lighting at night and all night. The Yuanchuang moon lamp is embedded with intelligent control and intelligent sensing modules, and is designed with six humanized working modes and remote control. Advantage 8: compared with similar products, the overall configuration of Yuanchuang lunar lamp has increased, and the number of solar panels W and battery capacity have increased compared with similar products. Advantage ten: compared with similar products, the waterproof joint material is PVC, but this material starts to soften slowly when the temperature reaches more than 50 degrees, so the waterproofness will be affected, and not environmentally friendly. The waterproof joint used by Yuanchuang is made of nylon, which will become soft only when it is above 150 degrees, and is an environmentally friendly material that can be exported to Europe and the United States. In this way, there will be no problem with waterproof. The cost of these two materials is more than 2 times different. I feel good to tell you so many secrets! The Moonlight lamp is really worth owning and promoting! Yuanchuang intelligent lighting, the first brand of solar integrated street lamps!
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