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Do you know the wrong way to install solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-21
There are too many shelters when installing, because the solar street lamp absorbs the sunlight through the solar photovoltaic panel on the top, and then converts it into electric energy and stores it in the storage battery. Can the solar street lamp light normally at night, it depends on whether the solar photovoltaic panel can normally receive sunlight during the day. If there are too many obstructions around the solar street lamp, such as leaves and buildings, it will cause shelter and affect the normal absorption and utilization of the light source by the solar photovoltaic panel. When installing the solar street lamp, it should be kept away from the shelter. If it is really impossible to avoid the shelter, it is necessary to ensure that the solar photovoltaic panel has no shelter in the south direction, or the lighting time is not less than 6 hours. Solar street lamps are relatively intelligent street lamps. They can use light control to adjust the dark days in different seasons. If the solar street lamps have been installed and the light source on their photovoltaic panels cannot be removed, should be adjusted to time control mode. (1) In order to save trouble, solar lamps are installed indoors, such as building island and car shed, which are convenient for passage or parking. Although these places have certain brightness during the day, they cannot meet the demand of full charging. If you want the solar street lamp to have sufficient light, you must move the solar photovoltaic panel outdoors. If you have to solve the indoor lighting, you can also use the separate installation method of outdoor charging and indoor lighting. (2) The orientation of the photovoltaic panel is wrong. To install the photovoltaic panel, it is necessary to fix the photovoltaic panel before the vertical rod. If the vertical rod is found to be wrong, the photovoltaic panel orientation is found. To determine the direction of LED irradiation, and then determine the orientation of the photovoltaic panel, when installing the photovoltaic panel, it should be installed in the direction with the most sufficient sunlight, generally facing south in China, different installation angles also have an impact on the power generation of photovoltaic modules. (3) The double-arm solar street lamp should be connected to the solar power supply for both Lamp caps. If both solar panels are connected to the power supply and are installed face to face in an inclined manner, then only one side of the solar panel can be guaranteed to be effective. (4) In some places, due to too much interference from the installation of solar panels, the solar panels and lamps are simply separated by a longer distance, while some customers are separated by a distance of more than 10 meters or even longer. The general wire quality on the market is not very good, and the distance between the line is very long, the line loss is very large, so the charging efficiency will be reduced a lot, resulting in the lighting time being affected. (5)Solar panels tilt face to face. In order to be beautiful, the installer may install the solar panel face to face, but if one side is correct, then the other side is definitely wrong. Since there is no way to directly reach the solar panel due to illumination, the charging efficiency will decrease.
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