Do you know the wrong way to install solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-28
According to the road direction and the position of the light source of the lamp, choose the direction of the light source of the lamp and adjust the angle of the solar panel. The inclination angle takes the local latitude as the reference standard to make the solar panel meet the maximum exposure area of the road surface. Another thing is that the solar street lamp must be installed on the bright surface of the solar panel without blocking shadows all day long. The solar panel should take the northern hemisphere as an example, the southern hemisphere should be the opposite, sitting south and facing north, and the panel can be laid flat near the equator. Street lamp environment temperature is very important :- 20℃ ~ 60℃, in a relatively cold environment, system configuration should be appropriately added to increase temperature protection. The method of assembling the lamp cap and the lamp post is to install the lamp cap with solar panels on the lamp post with a diameter of 60- 70 MM, depending on the installation caliber of different lamps, tighten the 6 screws of the lock lamp pole. 1: solar panel charging problem, install the solar lamp indoors, although these places have certain brightness during the day, but can not meet the demand of full charging, long-term development, it is easy to cause damage or complete damage to the battery. If you want solar street lamps to have sufficient light, you must move the solar photovoltaic panels outdoors. If you have to solve indoor lighting, you can also use outdoor charging. 2: sometimes there will be the phenomenon that the panels and lamps of solar street lamps fall, the lamp poles tilt and the fall is not good, which will bring a great safety hazard to pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Therefore, we must check the safety performance of solar street lamps and LED street lamps and eliminate hidden dangers before the strong wind strikes. Look at whether the battery board and the lamp have the phenomenon of shaking, whether the street lamp is inclined, whether the basic cage Bolt is firm, whether there is looseness, etc. If there are the above situations, they should be excluded in time to avoid occurrence. 3: Check the waterproof performance of the system, take out the controller of the solar street lamp, and check whether there is any poor contact, water seepage, tape falling off, etc. Although the rainwater generally does not enter the lamp pole, the condensation of water vapor will also form a short circuit. Moreover, in summer, there are heavy rains, and the depth of water accumulation often has some special circumstances that have not been seen for many years, therefore, it is necessary to nip in the bud. 4: some construction personnel will not use the engineering remote control correctly to ensure that the light is on. In fact, this is a very wrong operation. At the same time, the wrong parameters may have been set, causing abnormal lighting. 5: the quality and opening mode of the lamp are very important. The thickness should meet the requirements. The lamp body is not allowed to have cracks and holes. The joints of each component should have good contact points. The Buckle part is the most important, in the past, because of the unreasonable buckle design, a large number of lamps were damaged after each strong wind. Therefore, it is best to install two spring buckles on the lamps, and the upper straight opening is adopted for the opening of the lamps, and ballast and other important components are fixed on the lamp body to prevent safety accidents caused by component falling off after the lampshade is damaged. 6. As the concealed project of the street lamp project, the foundation of the street lamp is also a very important part of the overall windproof and safe use of the street lamp. C20 concrete should be selected for pouring, the choice of anchor bolt depends on the height of the lamp pole. The 8m lamp pole should choose Φ20 Bolt with a length of 1100 and a foundation depth of 1200mm.
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