Does solar street lamp choose glass lens or PC lens?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-04
Does solar street lamp choose glass lens or PC lens? We know that solar street lamps should use lenses to distribute light to light sources. There are two kinds of lenses commonly used, one is glass lens and the other is PC lens. These two lenses have their own characteristics. So, does solar street lamp choose glass lens or PC lens? Next, the technical staff of Shenzhen source solar street lamp manufacturer will answer for you: 1. Glass lens: glass lens generally adopts high transmittance glass, which has the characteristics of high transparency, purity, colorless and uniform texture, and it has good refraction ability. It can not only be used on street lamps, but also is an indispensable core component of various high-grade camera lenses, microscope lenses and high-grade lamps. The light transmittance of the glass lens is high, reaching more than 92%, and the light loss is small, and the light range is more reliable and reasonable. Glass lens long service life, generally can be used in outdoor environment for more than 10 years without discoloration, does not affect the light transmittance. However, the glass lens manufacturing process is more complicated, the material requirements are high, and the price is relatively high. Second, PC lens: PC lens has occupied a large part of the lens market due to its low price and convenient production. However, the PC lens has poor temperature resistance and low light extraction rate (85%) The electrostatic phenomenon on the surface causes the surface to adsorb dust easily and reduce the light transmittance. For the integrated light source, the high temperature of the light source will bake the surface of the PC lens yellow, further affecting the light transmittance and reducing the overall performance of street lamps and the like. The above is the explanation about whether the solar street lamp chooses the glass lens or the PC lens. The lens is used to distribute light to the light source, and the precision of distribution is the standard to test the lens, shenzhen source code RoadSmart patent polarized lens, specially developed Patent Lens for Nighthawk lamp and flying crane lamp, bat wing polarized light, making the road surface wider and the illuminance more uniform.
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