Factors affecting the service life of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-02-25
The life of solar road lamps is much higher than that of ordinary electric lamps, and the service life of solar cell modules is 25 years; The average life span of low-pressure sodium lamp is 18000 hours, the average life span of low-pressure and high-efficiency three-color energy-saving lamp is 6000 hours, the average life span of ultra-bright LED is more than 50000 hours, and the life span of special battery for solar energy is below 38AH 2-5 years, 38-150AH of 3-7 years. According to the regulations of the local price bureau in the conventional community, '6 yuan/m2 of street lamp maintenance fee will be charged at one time according to the pure residential building area', which makes the initial investment of ordinary lamps much higher than that of solar lamps. First, considering the service life of LED light source and storage battery, the correct use of storage battery can last for more than 5 years. The so-called correct use of batteries means that solar street lamp manufacturers should consider the bearing capacity of batteries when designing the configuration. Two: The light source starter, different starting mode is different, need different ballast or drive power lamp, this part of the influence of the light source is very big, especially the LED light source. It is very important whether the constant current source is good or bad and whether the set parameter range is suitable for the light source. Mainly: constant current accuracy, output efficiency, protection circuit, parameter setting range, etc. Third: the daily power generation of the solar panel is 45Ah, so the selected battery capacity must be larger than 45AH to avoid excessive discharge depth affecting the storage capacity and service life of the battery. Four: controller too solar street lamp system not only controls, monitors and protects the working state of photocell components, storage battery and load. While effectively controlling the working state of the storage battery, it also indirectly protects the load. It provides an effective and relatively stable working environment, especially in critical conditions such as insufficient battery power or undervoltage work.
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