Factors that determine the price of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-04-08
High-quality solar street lamp manufacturers are all brand products, such as source solar street lamps. In the process of using solar street lamps, the light source of the product needs to be well treated for heat dissipation. It is better not to choose LED lamps modified by non-traditional sodium lamps, but to choose LED special lamps, the price of solar street lamps is determined by lamps and lanterns, which is due to the poor sealing property of traditional sodium lamps, easy water inflow and damage to lamp beads, and poor modification and heat dissipation. 1: the main determinants of the price of the light pole are: the height of the light pole, the upper and lower caliber, the wall thickness, and the size of the flange. The main accessories of solar street lamps include: solar panels, light poles, lamps, batteries, solar panel supports, arms, embedded parts, other accessories, etc. 2: The price is determined by the quality, performance and stability. A good battery can ensure that the solar street lamp can be stably lit in any weather and there will be no sudden extinction of the street lamp. 3: The price of the lamp depends on the selected style. 4: The price of the arm is determined by the design shape of the arm and the selection of materials, the price of the accessories is mainly determined according to the accessories used, different configurations will have different effects. 5: the chip of the street lamp, the chip is the key that can directly determine the brightness of the LED, light attenuation, efficiency, but also an important aspect that determines the price, and the quality of the chips on the market is different, therefore, it is better to test the chip before buying it. 6. Lamp shell: it can be subdivided into two categories: ordinary lamp shell and die casting die overall shell. The former has slightly worse heat dissipation performance and is more suitable for light sources with less power, while the latter has better heat dissipation performance, it is suitable for light sources with high power.
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