Flat panel integration: the future of solar lighting

by:Road Smart     2020-02-25
Why are so many tablet integration manufacturers optimistic about the market prospect of tablet integration? And every year new manufacturers join the industry, so that the team continues to grow? In the last issue, from the summary of the development law and prospect of solar street lamps, flat panel integration is the future of solar lighting. Next, let's explain the advantages of flat panel lights from their own characteristics and shipping data, and you will understand why everyone is so optimistic about flat panel integration. 1. Integrated design. The flat panel lamp is an excellent product that applies the integration concept to the extreme. The benefits are high cost performance, small size, easy transportation and strong practicability. At present, it is also the most exported solar street lamp. 2. The cost advantage is obvious. With the intervention of so many manufacturers, the shell Cost of flat panel lamps has been lowered. It used to be a private model product, but now it is a male model; At the same time, some manufacturers have boldly tried to use ternary lithium batteries, which are much cheaper than lithium iron phosphate, so they directly lower the cost of flat lamps, which makes flat lamps more competitive than traditional solar street lamps in cost. 3. The entry threshold is decreasing. As mentioned above, due to the common mold of the shell, the technical and financial threshold for entering the industry is decreasing, and you don't have to invest so much money to develop new molds. This is also the direct reason why the market is so hot in such a short period of time. Due to the integrated design concept, the volume of the flat-panel integrated street lamp is very small, so that for the foreign customers who use it, a lot of freight can be saved from the sample first. With the sample, the customer tests it, in order to facilitate the subsequent batch shipment. This is the traditional solar street lamp can not be compared, the traditional solar energy a sample of freight is integrated 3-5 times. And the purchase is more troublesome, most of which need to be purchased separately. Secondly, the customer is quite convenient to install, only need to screw a few screws. This saves customers unnecessary trouble such as wiring, digging foundation, adjusting controller, etc. 5. Judging from the shipments, the flat panel is still a large shipment of integrated solar street lamps. We looked at the customs data and analyzed the export data of several integrated manufacturers. We found that their flat-panel integrated shipments were the largest compared with other solar street lamps. At the same time, we combined with the shipments of the controller, their integrated street lamp controller is generally used on the flat panel solar street lamp, and the shipments of the integrated street lamp controller are compared with the shipments of the traditional solar street lamp controller, the growth rate is more obvious. To sum up, we should know why so many manufacturers are so fond of flat solar street lamps? Because: flat panel integration is the future of solar lighting. Key words: Solar street lamp manufacturer.
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