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Green campus smart lighting construction solution


Road Smart revolves around the needs of high-level construction of the campus, proposes a "green campus smart lighting construction solution." With effective integration of advanced photovoltaic technology, Internet of things technology, monitoring technology, etc., we initiate a systematic solar led lighting solution for campus construction with multiple functions such as energy saving, qualified lighting, entertainment, security, and creative design, so that we can promote the campus to achieve the concept of "green, intelligent, distinctive, cultural". What effect can our smart solar lighting bring?

Road Smart-Green Campus Smart Lighting Construction Solution, Socreat Electronics
Road Smart-Green Campus Smart Lighting Construction Solution, Socreat Electronics-1
Road Smart-Green Campus Smart Lighting Construction Solution, Socreat Electronics-2
Road Smart-Green Campus Smart Lighting Construction Solution, Socreat Electronics-3
green and environmentally friendly campus environment

With the mention of outdoor lighting for school, it is necessary to provide reasonable illumination to ensure road safety for teachers and students. Also, we should try to save energy and promote green lighting environment. Road Smart outdoor solar lighting solution achieve zero electricity charge, zero wire layout and zero pollution emissions, which is good for the conservation of resources and protection of the environment. The led solar street garden lighting solution not only enables schools to become green campus demonstration but also is helpful to set a low-carbon and energy-saving education orientation to teachers and students, which is of great educational significance.

bright and beautiful campus environment

The solution can strengthen the construction of public lighting infrastructure on campus. It automatically lights up at night, solving problems such as inconvenient night travel on campus. In addition, the solution provides a high quality outside lighting environment with the improvement of the radiation and quality of led lights. It is also conducive to shaping the good campus atmosphere, creating a bright and beautiful campus environment, even at night.

peaceful and harmonious campus environment

For campus security issues, the solution provides video surveillance technology and 4G transmission technology to achieve 24- hour monitoring of key areas, effectively guarding the safety of teachers and students, promoting the quiet and harmonious school atmosphere.

creative campus environment

The solution applies the latest RF transmission technology to realize automatic audio synchronization networking and synchronous propagation of information. It’s also available to apply the latest Bluetooth control technology to realize audio playback, data reading & writing and transmission functions. We can publicize all kinds of information, notices, even music to teachers and students in a timely manner. It is obvious that this intelligent solar lighting solution can enable spread the latest campus culture, enrich students’ spiritual life, and strengthen the construction of campus culture propaganda.

Last but not the least, we can freely provide creative light poles design that conforms to different campus styles, so as to enable build an upgraded campus with rich school characteristics, carrying campus history and embodying modern civilization.

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