Heat dissipation mode of solar street lamp

by:Road Smart     2020-03-09
We all know that places with light sources will heat up after a long time. At present, solar street lamps used on roads will bring us light every night, but they will also heat up after a night's lighting, at this time, heat dissipation is needed, and heat dissipation is an important factor affecting the service life of solar street lamps. So, what is the heat dissipation mode of solar street lamps? Next, Shenzhen source code (Road Smart) The technical staff of the solar street lamp brand manufacturer will answer for you: 1. The heat of the heat conducting plate: the heat generated by the solar street lamp emitted from the outlet of the meson is emitted to the conductor. The conductor is usually a 5mm thick copper plate, which is actually regarded as the average temperature, the average temperature of the heat source, increasing the heat dissipation area; 2. Cooling of heat sink: some street lamps are equipped with radiators to dissipate heat, but the weight is too large, and the risk increases in the case of frequent accidents, typhoons, earthquakes, etc; 3. Needle-like heat dissipation: The heat dissipation efficiency of needle-like heat dissipation is greatly improved compared with the traditional sheet radiator, which makes the junction temperature of LED lower than that of ordinary radiator by more than 15 ℃ and better than that of traditional aluminum radiator in water resistance, two weight and volume improvements. The above is about the heat dissipation method of solar street lamps. The heat dissipation of solar street lamps in the process of use is one of the key problems to be solved, which is not only directly related to the luminous efficiency in actual work, moreover, due to the high brightness requirement and large calorific value of solar street lamps, and the harsh outdoor use environment, if the heat dissipation is not good, it will directly lead to the rapid aging of the light source and the reduction of stability.
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