How can I buy a good quality solar street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-20
The light pole of solar street lamp is made of high quality low carbon steel Q235A, and the silicon content is not higher than 0. 04%, after a large bending machine processing bending molding, and then use the automatic welding pipe machine welding, the pole classification can be divided into conical Rod, octagonal Rod, octagonal rod. After finishing the manufacture of the lamp pole, it adopts hot galvanizing inside and outside. After pickling and phosphating, as well as Hot Galvanizing and passivation, the surface of the galvanized layer is smooth and beautiful without wrinkles, and there are no sagging and zinc tumors, no spots and Yin and Yang surface effect. After Hot Galvanizing of the lamp pole, high-temperature electrostatic plastic spraying (Color can be freely selected) Before spraying, it is frosted to increase the adhesion of spraying powder, and the temperature and curing time are strictly controlled during the spraying process. 1: The strength of the manufacturer is very important. Why do you say that? Because if a manufacturer has strong strength, the factory must be large in scale and have many suppliers. They can have multiple choices, you can also give the maximum benefit to the customer. 2: job requirements, the integrated intelligent street lamp is the lighting fixture of the primary traffic trunk compared with the yard lamp. Under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar panel is irradiated by the sun, absorb the solar light and convert it into electric energy, the solar cell module charges the battery pack in the daytime, and the battery pack supplies power to the LED lamp light source at night to complete the lighting function. 3: In terms of the number of service life, LED only has a slight advantage. In theory, LED chips have a long life. In practice, due to light failure and the number of other electronic components, the life of LED lamps is not as good as expected. 4: look at the Quality Assurance Time. Under normal circumstances, the quality assurance time of street lamps is 1-- 3 years, the longer the warranty time, it shows that the quality of this product is excellent, the price will be relatively high. 5: the terminals of the solar street lamp must be operated according to the logo of the controller, and the Foundation must be done according to the embedded drawings of our factory, and at the same time, the combination of each terminal and the controller must be correctly connected, for the waterproof work of solar street lamps, there is no such problem in the products of our unit. Our unit has strictly handled the waterproof work of all products before leaving the factory, only Normal assembly of street lamp supporting parts and wiring is required.
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