How to adjust the time of solar street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-19
Solar street lamps illuminate the Bright Road for passers-by, can sense the arrival of darkness, and can also sense the early dawn and go out, all because of the time controlled by the core controller, then, how to adjust the time of solar street lamp? The technical staff of the source solar street lamp manufacturer will answer for you: when the solar street lamp leaves the factory, it is generally set according to the customer's requirements; The starting and closing time of solar street lamp is determined by the controller of street lamp. The controllers are mostly set inside the hatch. The controller adjustment is divided into manual adjustment and remote control adjustment. The external adjustment button can be manually adjusted. However, most of the current market is remote control adjustment. This kind of controller must be equipped with a remote controller to adjust the working time. How to adjust the time of solar street lamps also depends on the type of controller used. 1. The charging circuit adopts double MOS Series control loop, which reduces the voltage loss of the circuit by nearly half compared with the use of diodes. PWM energy-saving control is used to greatly increase the power consumption. 2. The load mode adopts pure lamp control, and the light sensing system will automatically light up when it senses dark light. The lighting time adopts microprocessor and special control algorithm to realize intelligent control. 3. Scientific battery management mode. When over-discharge occurs, the battery voltage promotes charging. After maintenance and compensation, it is used normally. Direct charging and floating charging are used to connect the rechargeable battery, at the same time, it has high precision temperature compensation, which makes the charge more accurate control. 4. All constraints of all industrial chips and closed components operate normally in cold, high temperature, humid and other environments. At the same time, Crystal time control is used to make time control more accurate. The above is about how to adjust the time of the solar street lamp. How to adjust the time of the solar street lamp depends on whether it is a waterproof controller. Generally, the waterproof controller does not have a digital display function.
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