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How to analyze the failure of the indicator light of solar street lamp controller?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-17
If the solar street lamp does not work properly after running for a period of time. First look at whether the charging indicator light and the load indicator light are normally displayed, and then confirm whether the working mode of the solar street lamp controller has changed. If there is no problem, then measure whether the voltage of the battery is normal. Using the elimination method, whether the solar street lamp controller is damaged or the lamp bead is burned out. When in the daytime, the solar street lamp controller charges the red light under the sunlight (SUN)Will be bright, its middle two-color lamp (BAT) It represents the capacity of the battery. The red light indicates that the battery has been put. The yellow light of the two-color light indicates that the battery is under voltage. The green indicates that the battery is normal. Check whether the LED light source has the problem of false welding of lamp beads, and change it if it does not. If not, it is likely that the sun at the installation site is insufficient and the overall configuration of the lamp is unreasonable. (1)If there are not many street lamps in rainy days. Most of them are due to the decline of lithium battery storage capacity, and the battery needs to be replaced due to insufficient lithium battery power. (2) The controller indicator setting does not meet the requirements. In this case, there is no need to worry about the technology of the street lamp manufacturer to remind you that you only need to check the settings of the load viewing parameters and modify the corresponding load working parameters. (3)If the load current exceeds controller 1. When the rated current is 25 times for 60 seconds, or the load current exceeds the controller 1. 5 times the rated current for 6 seconds, the fault indicator light is red and slowly flashes, indicating overload, the controller will turn off the output, when the load or the load side has a short circuit fault, the controller will immediately turn off the output. (4) When the controller of the street lamp also fails, if there is no indicator light and the button does not work, there may be a problem with the controller, or the specification of the solar panel may not be normal, it may also be an installation problem, and it may also be a problem with the controller itself. (5) The yellow color of the two-color lamp indicates that it is under voltage and usually appears after a long rainy day, and stops working after a period of light at night. The way we repair the customer after the sale is to remove the line of the led light source and let the sun charge for a day or two to work normally. In fact, don't worry too much, the solar street lamp controller here will protect the battery. (6) The lighting time of solar street lamps is determined by the voltage of photovoltaic panels. At the same time, the output voltage of photovoltaic panels will be different due to different geographical positions, irradiation angles and cleaning or shielding states, it is normal within 10 minutes. If it is more than 10 minutes, you can check whether the photovoltaic panel is blocked. If it is more than 1 hour, please check whether the voltage of the photovoltaic panel is normal, and contact the photovoltaic panel manufacturer to replace it in time. (7) The output power of the load is lowered, that is, the output current of each period is appropriately reduced by the remote controller, which can reduce the consumption of the battery, in this way, there will be less light failure caused by insufficient configuration.
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