How to arrange and install solar lawn lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-04
The solar lawn lamp has the characteristics of high efficiency, large irradiation angle, strong fog permeability and uniform illumination, and can meet the requirements of lawn scattered lighting. The beauty of the lawn lamp shape should be considered. Most of the traditional solar lawn lamps are made of plastic or hardware, and their shapes are mainly modern simplicity and Classical Classics. The lawn lamp integrates artistic elements on the basis of the traditional lawn lamp, with richer and more diversified shapes. Its design is mainly based on courtyard decoration and supplemented by lighting function. Too dense will make the whole space stiff, and too scarce will make the whole space monotonous. Solar lawn lamps are the need for decoration and night travel safety, and the distance is generally kept between 6 and 8 meters. Especially near the steps, grass, corners and flower platforms, the number of solar lawn lamps should be properly encrypted, which can not only beautify the environment, but also ensure people's travel safety. Solar lawn lamps are made of different materials, commonly made of stainless steel, die-cast aluminum, iron and other metals. Solar lawn lamps work mainly through the energy stored in their batteries. Solar energy will be absorbed during the day, charged and stored through battery components, and light energy will be converted into electrical energy at night. Solar lawn lamp is the project that consumes the most solar cells every year in China's solar photovoltaic application field, and is the only solar cell application product controlled by application specific integrated circuit in the world, it is a real semiconductor lighting product that completely provides electric energy from semiconductor materials and simultaneously emits light from semiconductor materials. 1: first, clean up the sundries around the installation part, place the base of the solar lawn lamp in a suitable area, then place the lawn lamp on the base, and then align the holes between the two, and tighten the screws to stabilize them. 2: The solar lawn lamp and the base have been fixed, and it is completely placed on the foundation. Pay attention to the side with solar cells toward the south. At this time, the power supply can be connected to see if the solar lawn lamp can be used normally. After confirming that the solar lawn lamp is installed and can be used, the dust and dirt on the lamp should be wiped off with a soft cloth dipped in clear water. Then check whether there is damage to the use of the lamp scratches, etc. , if necessary should be replaced. 3: The output power per unit area of the solar cell is about 127 Wp/m2. Solar cells are generally composed of multiple solar cells connected in series. The total power consumed by the line transmission components and the local solar radiation energy. The output power of the solar battery pack should exceed 3 ~ of the light source power ~ 5 times, the light is rich, and the short area when the light is turned on is (3 ~ 4)More than times; On the other hand (4 ~ 5)More than times. 4: battery connection, parallel connection, to consider the imbalance between the single battery, the number of parallel groups should not exceed four groups. Attention should be paid to the anti-theft problem of the storage battery during installation.
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