How to buy solar light poles?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-14
When selecting solar street lamp poles, according to the use of street lamps, the height of lamp poles and the lumen value of LED street lamps, TUWR solar street lamps are selected from Japan, which is the top in the industry [210 lumens/watt]LED patch to determine the wattage of street lamps. Four lanes or main traffic roads choose 8- 12 m light pole, the height of the light pole is generally selected according to the width of the road, and the height of the light pole with the same or slightly larger than the width of the road is the best. One: look at the light pole surface is smooth, no leakage welding, continuous pores, undercut, inequality. The linear error of the center line of the light pole shall not exceed 0 of the rod length. 02%, the appearance of the rod body has no unevenness and no trace, and the appearance of the lamp Rod has no obvious defects. Two: The double-arm road lamp is a double-pick single fire lamp, and the motor vehicle lane lamp is 11. 5 meters, sidewalk lamps from the ground 8. 5 meters, bilateral cross arrangement, spacing of 50 meters. 12m high pole lamps are generally used on highways, with one-on-one and double-on cantilever and 400W high-pressure sodium lamps. Three: The plastic spraying of the light pole should be made of high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder. The color should be agreed upon. The quality of the plastic layer is stable, does not fade, does not fall off, and has strong adhesion. Four: The welding method of light pole is automatic subarc welding and ultrasonic flaw detection, which meets the requirements of GBl1345 Grade II standard for welding. Key words: Solar street lamp.
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