How to check the quality of solar street lamp cap?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-14
The lamp cap of solar street lamp must use led light source. When installing the lamp cap, we should consider its volume. If the volume is too large, it will have a large load on the socket and easily cause potential safety hazards. The lamp cap of LED street lamp is relatively small in size, because its material is die-cast aluminum. This material not only meets the requirements of lamps, but also reduces the weight to the greatest extent, making the lamps lighter and safer. The material of the led lamp head is die-cast aluminum, and its hardness is large. Even under the condition of wind and rain, it is also very firm, with no loose parts and no potential safety hazard, relatively speaking, it will be much more durable. 1: Check the built-in constant current source, one is without constant current source, and the lamp holder without constant current source is divided into 3 strings or more. If it is a lamp cap with a constant current source, then the positive and negative poles of the lamp cap output are directly connected to the battery output. 2: If it is a lamp holder without a constant current source, replace other good controllers of the same project. If it is replaced, it means that the original solar street lamp controller may have problems. Check whether there is any problem with the lamp holder line and whether the lamp bead is damaged. To check the dead lamp beads, you can use the battery to check 3 strings or 4 strings of lamp beads one by one. 3: As we all know, led light source is a typical green lighting source, which will not cause light pollution to the environment. Led light source is high brightness, even if the brightness, its calorific value is much slower than that of ordinary lighting, so this is also one of its advantages.
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