How to choose a place to install a solar road?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-28
The most important thing about solar street lamps is that they can receive light energy best, so Site selection becomes the first note in the installation process of solar street lamps. At the installation site, there are no obstructions and obstacles around the foundation, no trees, high-rise buildings and other obstacles that can affect the light exposure, and no installation in a backlit place. The inclination angle of the solar street lamp bracket is generally made before leaving the factory. When installing, just make sure to face the south and make sure there is no shelter around. The storage battery is deeply buried below the frozen soil layer to maintain the temperature balance and effectively improve the charging and discharging efficiency of the storage battery. The function of the threading hole is to introduce the battery wire from the underground to the inside of the lamp pole. If the threading hole is offset, the threading hole will be blocked when installing the lamp pole, such as foreign matter or dead knot in the threading hole, will completely block the threading hole. One: it is recommended that there should be no direct light source above the solar panel, so as to avoid misrecognition of the lamp control system and misoperation. Two: Environmental use temperature :-20℃ ~ 60℃. In a relatively cold environment, the battery capacity should be appropriately increased. Three: the firmness of the power cord connection and the tightness of the screw when the site is installed. When connecting all wires, be sure to do a good job of preventing release and leakage, and the connection is tight and beautiful. Four: The installed street lamps are all adjusted neatly, and when the lamp arm and lamp cap are both positive, the lamp post base should be embedded twice, and the lamp post base should be built into a small square with cement, can ensure the safe use of street lamps. Five: it is used in the application field of architectural landscape lighting and has a wide application market in landscape lighting. The scale of domestic landscape lighting market is about 2000 yuan, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shanghai, guangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin and other cities have built a number of LED landscape lighting demonstration projects. Six: The installation details are very important, because for the installation of street lamps, on the one hand, to ensure that its lighting function value is greater, but also to ensure the safe use of solar street lamps. Seven: according to the source code, it is very suitable to use LED solar street lamps in rural areas. Some rural natural environments are relatively harsh and very unsuitable for laying cables. Solar street lamps are easy to install and have a long service life. Eight: The solar street lamp must be installed on the bright surface of the solar panel without blocking shadows all day long. The road side of the lamp light source should also be selected according to the road direction and the position of the lamp light source. Nine: digging the foundation pit of street lamps: at the fixed installation position of street lamps, the foundation pit of street lamps shall be excavated according to the height and width of the ground cage. If the surface soil is soft, the depth of excavation should be deepened, and other facilities such as cables and pipelines at the excavation location should be confirmed and protected. Ten: clean up the residue on the positioning board in time, and wait until the concrete is completely solidified before installing the solar street lamp.
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