How to choose the color temperature of LED solar street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-18
What is color temperature? Color temperature is the color sense of light felt by human eyes. Color temperature definition: heat a standard black body, and the color of the black body begins to follow deep red as the temperature rises-Light red-Orange-Yellow-White- Blue gradually changes, when the color of the light emitted by a certain light source is the same as that of the standard black body at a certain temperature, we call the absolute temperature of the black body at that time the color temperature of the light source, expressed in absolute temperature K. 1800K 4000K 5000K 8000K 1200K 1600K How to choose the color temperature of LED lamps? Light source color temperature different light color also different. The color temperature below 3300K has a stable atmosphere and a warm feeling; Color temperature at 3000-- 5000K is close to the color temperature of natural light and has a bright and bright feeling; The color temperature above 5000K has a cool feeling. Different light colors of different light sources form the best visual sensory environment. The same scene will show different feelings because of lights with different color temperatures: color temperature is the human eye's feeling of luminous body or white reflective body, which is physics. The feeling of combining complex factors between body science and psychology is also different from person to person. How to choose the color temperature of LED lamps? Color temperature on TV (Luminous body)Or photography (Reflective body) It can be changed in a man-made way, for example, in photography, we use 3200K incandescent heat lamps (3200 K) However, we add a red filter to the lens to filter through a little red light to make the photo look lower in color temperature; By the same token, we can also reduce a little red on TV ( But how much less will also affect the normal red performance)Make the picture look a little higher color temperature. The preference for color temperature is determined by people, which is related to the scenery we see everyday. For example, for people close to the equator, the average color temperature we see everyday is 11000K (8000K (Dusk)~ 17000K (Noon)), So I prefer high color temperature (It looks more real), On the contrary, in areas with higher latitude (The average color temperature is about 6000 K)People prefer low color temperature (5600K or 6500 K) , That is to say, if you use a TV with high color temperature to show the scenery of the North Pole, you will feel Green; On the contrary, if you use a TV with low color temperature to watch subtropical customs, you will feel a little red. Comparison of color temperature of different street lamps: how is the color temperature of TV or display screen defined? Because the average color temperature of scenery in China is about 8000K ~ Between 9500 K, so TV stations take photos with the color temperature of the audience at 9300 K. However, Europe and the United States have different colors because of their usual color temperatures, taking the average color temperature of about 6000K throughout the year as a reference, so when we look at those foreign films again, you will find 5600K ~ 6500K is best for viewing. Of course, this difference makes us feel that when we see the screens of computers or televisions in Europe and the United States, we feel that the color temperature is red and warm, which is not very suitable. Color temperature is black eyes people see 9300K is white, but blue eyes people see is blue, 6500K color temperature blue eyes people see is white, we Chinese people see is yellow. How to choose the color temperature of LED lamps? Matching choice of lamps for home decoration: 1. Porch, using natural light is 3800 K- 4200K color temperature lamps are better, 2. Hall, Main lighting lamps use 5500- 6500K color temperature is good, auxiliary lighting is used for decorative lamps 2800- 3300K color temperature is good, 3, room, lighting choice 5500- Lamps with 6500K color temperature, bedside lamps or auxiliary lighting use dimmable warm color 2800-3300k color temperature lamps ( The importance of selecting dimming lamps plays different roles in each room) 4, toilet, use moisture-proof explosion-proof power supply warm color 2800- Lamps with 3000K color temperature, then winter is not so cold! . 5, the kitchen, also need to use moisture-proof explosion-proof lamps, but the color temperature should choose 5500- Cold light source with 6500K color temperature, otherwise your kitchen will be like an incubator! What is the standard for LED solar street lamps? Aiming at the problem of color temperature, the source code classifies it as luminous quality. According to the total amount of light radiation and the quality of light, the source code initiates Rs standard. The description of color temperature in Rs standard is as follows, light with low color temperature is yellow, too low color temperature will make people have the illusion of insufficient brightness and feel uncomfortable. Light with high color temperature is blue. Similarly, light over Blue will also make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the source code recommends that the color temperature of solar street lamp light be 4000K ~ 6000K
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