How to deal with street lamps that are not bright enough?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-22
Pay more attention to the use of street lamps. Do not let hard or sharp objects hit the solar panel, otherwise the solar panel will be damaged. During use, the solar panels should be cleaned regularly, either quarterly or semi-annual. Do not let some things, such as branches, billboards, etc. Block the surface, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency. Battery is also a link that is easy to fail. The batteries used by many manufacturers are not waterproof, which leads to a short circuit between the positive and negative poles after the battery enters the water. During the detection, carefully observe the change of the battery voltage with the discharge depth. If it cannot be used normally, it needs to be replaced with a new one. One: confirm whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed, test whether the battery is broken, and charge the battery with your own power supply. After the 12V battery is full, the test voltage should be normal at 13. About 8 V. Look at the change of voltage. If the voltage decreases slowly, the battery is normal. If the voltage is in a short time. Solar street lamp system can not work properly, the LED light is not bright, the time is not enough, the brightness is not enough, when the light is not bright. You can reconnect the battery, replace the battery, replace the wiring head of the battery, repair the battery or directly replace the battery. Second: the power of the lamp cap used is too large, which may also cause the battery to age, thus the brightness is not enough. Third, the solar street lamp panel is connected to a multimeter to test its voltage without any load. Generally, the system operating voltage is 12 v, which is normally higher than 12 v, if it is lower than 12 V, the battery cannot be charged. The solar street lamp system cannot work or the working hours are not enough. Four: If you want the light to turn on earlier, you can use the remote controller to set the light control voltage point and set the light control voltage higher, then the lighting time of the lamp will be relatively advanced. Five: Check whether there is any damage to the line. If the current is conducted through the lamp pole, it will cause short circuit and the lamp will not be lit. By the way, some solar street lamps are also on during the day and cannot be turned off.
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