How to design skills for dust prevention of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-01
Rural and remote areas of the wind is relatively large, the choice of rural solar street lights, not only to use the beauty and function, and the light pole of the wind and dust function is also very important bulbs, ballasts, triggers and other components used in lamps generate heat. Priority should be given to tempered glass materials. Previously, most lampshades were made of acrylic or synthetic plastic. In a few years, lampshades will appear. The aging phenomenon leads to poor light transmittance of the lamp. Can not be cleaned after high temperature, the need to replace the lampshade or the entire lamp to meet the use requirements, there is no doubt that the increase in maintenance costs. 1: the quality and opening mode of the lamp is very important, its material must be aluminum casting alloy, the thickness to meet the requirements, do not allow the lamp body cracks, holes, there should be good contact points at the joint of each component. In the past, because of the unreasonable buckle design, a large number of lamps were damaged after each strong wind. Therefore, it is best to install two spring buckles on the lamps, and the upper straight opening is adopted for the opening of the lamps, and ballast and other important components are fixed on the lamp body to prevent safety accidents caused by component falling off after the lampshade is damaged. 2: The dust-proof and waterproof level of lamps and lanterns can be reasonably selected according to the air pollution degree, dust content, investment cost and maintenance conditions of the exposed place. Install a waterproof and breathable adhesive strip at the contact part between the lampshade and the lamp holder. Waterproof and breathable adhesive tape is a kind of material that can breathe but not water, so it is necessary to use materials such as recycled rubber or natural rubber to ensure the service life. 3. As a concealed project of the street lamp project, the foundation of the street lamp is also a very important part of the overall windproof and safe use of the street lamp. First of all, C20 concrete should be selected for pouring. The selection of anchor bolts depends on the height of the lamp post. The 8m lamp post should be Φ20 bolts with a length of 1100 and a foundation depth of 1200mm. 4: the bulb, ballast, trigger and other components used in the lamp will generate heat. Priority should be given to tempered glass materials. In the past, most lampshades were made of acrylic or synthetic plastic materials. After several years of use, lampshades will age, resulting in poor light transmittance, thus affecting the brightness of solar street lamps. Key words: Solar street lamp
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