How to design the dustproof function of solar street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-01
As an important part of solar street lamp, its quality and opening mode are extremely important. The material of solar street lamp is aluminum casting alloy, the lamp body will not have cracks, holes and good contact points at the joints of its various components. The early street lamp was because the lamp pole was not galvanized to the standard and was not welded with reinforcing ribs, resulting in serious corrosion at the bottom of the lamp pole, resulting in the phenomenon of wind blowing off the lamp pole. The source code suggests that when choosing solar street lamps, we should not only consider their aesthetics and functionality, but also pay more attention to the windproof and dustproof functions of lamps and light poles, only by doing this can we ensure the safe use of solar street lamps in urban infrastructure and bring convenience to people's travel, life and production. The wind in rural and remote places is relatively strong. When choosing solar street lamps in rural areas, not only the beauty but also the function of use should be considered. The windproof and dustproof functions of lamps and light poles are also very important. Only in this way can it play its role well and ensure the safety of basic facilities. It brings convenience to people's production and life and should take protective measures. Light bulbs, ballasts, triggers and other parts used in lamps and lanterns all generate heat, so tempered glass materials should be given priority. In the past, most lampshades were made of acrylic or synthetic plastic materials, after a few years of use, the lampshade will age, resulting in poor light transmittance. Can not be cleaned after high temperature, need to replace the lampshade or the entire lamp to meet the use requirements, no doubt increased maintenance costs. Adding a sealing rubber ring at the screw of the lamp cap to prevent dust from entering the lampshade from the lamp cap is also an aspect of dust prevention for lamps.
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