How to detect problems with solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-19
If there is a problem with the solar street lamp, first check whether the battery indicator light of the controller is on, and check whether the connection line between the controller and the battery falls off. If the connection line is normal, use a multimeter to detect the battery voltage. If the battery voltage is normal, replace the controller. 1: Clean the solar panel: In general, it is not necessary to clean the solar panel frequently, because in most areas, there is enough rain to clean the panel. Rinse and clean with hose. Pay attention not to tread or walk on the solar panel when cleaning, do not use metal, hard object scrubbing or grinding method to clean, do not spray water to clean at high temperature. 2: Check the controller load indicator light is lit, with a multimeter to detect the output voltage, to see if there is a voltage output, if there is no voltage output, replace the controller. 3: If the solar panel is shaded, the solar panel should be installed in a place where there is no shade and the sun is received all day. Even a small amount of shade will greatly reduce the output of the system power. In the initial site selection of solar street lamp installation, the place with shelter should be avoided. 4: detect how much electricity can be generated by solar street lamps. According to your lighting requirements and local actual conditions, recommend or design street lamp configurations that can meet your requirements. Key words: Solar street lamp price.
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