How to detect when the solar street lamp is not on?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-02
If the solar street lamp is not bright, you can look at the bird droppings on the surface of the panel and place them if necessary. Solution for maintenance of solar cell array: under strong wind, heavy rain, hail, snow and other conditions, we should take measures to maintain solar cell array to prevent damage. If there is dust or other dirt, rinse with clear water first, then use clean gauze to be quiet and boring. Do not use hard or corrosive solvent for cleaning and testing. The battery pack matched with the solar cell array should be strictly carried out according to the maintenance method of battery application. It can also detect the controller of the solar street lamp. The controller shows that the red light indicates that it is charging, and the flashing indicates that the electricity is full. If it is a yellow light, it proves that the power is lost, and the light cannot be turned on normally, when you encounter a yellow light, you should also check the battery voltage of the solar street lamp. If the battery is positive, you need the controller, such as the controller is broken. One: look at the line of the street lamp, if the insulation layer is worn, the current is conducted through the lamp pole, it will cause short circuit, the lamp does not light the lamp. Second: many solar street lamps are not waterproof, which may cause short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes after the battery enters the water, resulting in unstable voltage. Carefully observe the storage and discharge changes of the battery voltage, if the test does not come out, it is that the battery is flooded. Three: The line is aging or the line is disconnected, the solar street lamp system cannot work normally, the LED will not light or shine, it is recommended to reconnect the wire or replace the wire. Four: Do not let hard objects or sharp objects hit the solar panel. The solar panel should be cleaned regularly during use. The time can be quarterly or semi-annual to keep the surface of the solar panel clean, otherwise, the conversion efficiency will be affected. Five: the indicator light flashes normally, and the demonstration mode of the remote controller does not light up. When the remote controller is pressed to send, does the three indicator lights of the controller flash at the same time? If not, it means that the remote controller has not been sent successfully. If the transmission is still unsuccessful, the remote control may be broken, or the battery of the remote control may not be charged, please try replacing the remote control. Six: The light is normally lit for a period of time, but it is found that the lighting time is short, please observe the surrounding environment. In addition, whether it has been a rainy day for several consecutive days recently, if there is no problem above, please use the universal remote control to read the setting parameters and whether it is set in normal factory mode, it is possible that the current setting is too high or the control Factory mode is changed, resulting in a short lighting time. If so, please return to the factory default mode. Seven: there is no need to clean solar panels frequently. In most areas, there is enough rain to clean the panels. If it is in a dusty area, timely cleaning is necessary. Pay attention not to tread or walk on the solar panel when cleaning, do not use metal, hard object scrubbing or grinding method to clean, do not spray water to clean at high temperature. Seven: it is best to face the photovoltaic module South, in order to ensure that the module can receive as much as possible, as much as possible average light radiation. The solar panel is composed of quite solid tempered glass panels, which have passed the hail test. Eight: Check whether the battery indicator light of the controller is on, and if not, check whether the connecting line between the controller and the battery falls off. Check whether the load indicator light of the controller is on, and use a multimeter to detect the output voltage to see if there is a voltage output.
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