How to determine the brightness of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-18
In recent years, with the deterioration of the global environment, more and more attention has been paid to solar energy resources, so all countries are increasing the layout of solar energy resources. LED technology is progressing with each passing day, and its luminous efficiency is making amazing breakthroughs. So how do we judge the brightness of solar street lamps? In the market, due to the lack of understanding of the technology of the solar street lamp industry, users only have a general understanding of some simple mainstream configurations in the market, such as: how many watts should be equipped with solar panels and how much capacity the battery needs, how many lamp beads do you want. Therefore, the brightness of the lamp can only be judged by these unrealistic parameters. This is actually a misunderstanding, these parameters are only superficial, we need to understand the real needs of users. What is the purpose of the user's purchase of the lamp? What is the original performance of the lamp? After all, its destination is 'lighting'. Users buy lamps for lighting, and the original performance of lamps is also lighting. According to this point, the source code thinks deeply and gets an answer. The user buys not parameters, not configuration, not power, and the user buys light, only the total amount of light actually emitted by this solar street lamp and the quality of light are our initial demands for making solar street lamps. After understanding this appeal, we need to know some industry-related knowledge first. 【Industry knowledge]How to judge the light source? 1. Average life span: light sources are all about average life span, that is to say, a batch of light sources are lit at the same time. When 50% of the light sources fail, it is the average life span of this batch of light sources. 2. Stroboscopic: the number of times the light source flashes per second, and the failure to provide stable voltage will lead to large stroboscopic light. The light source with large stroboscopic light is the most harmful to eyes, and the stroboscopic light of fluorescent light source is more serious. 3. Luminous flux: for a lamp, the simplest explanation is the amount of light emitted, in lumens (LM). 4. Lighting efficiency: the luminous efficiency of the lamp is the amount of light that can be emitted per unit power, unit LM/W. 5. Indicates the degree to which the light source restores the color of the object. Generally speaking, the response of sunlight to the color of objects is the best and most real, so their color rendering is defined as 100, and the color rendering index ≥ 70 is a better light source. 6. Color temperature, light source color temperature is different, light color is also different. The light with low color temperature is yellow, which we call warm color, and the yellow light has good fog permeability; The light with high color temperature is white, and the white light with high color temperature has Intermediate visual effect when used for road lighting, with good visibility, which is brighter than the yellow light with low color temperature. How to choose a light source? Knowing the relevant knowledge, we need to know how to choose the light source. Here are some references for high-power LED light sources. 1, efficient use of light, the use of patented lens lamp, improve the utilization rate of light. 2. Integrated design, the integrated design makes the LED directly and closely connected with the shell, and through the heat dissipation wing of the shell and the air convection heat dissipation, the service life of the LED street lamp is fully ensured. 3. The use of street lamps with uniform illumination can solve the problems of concentrated beam and obvious dark spots, so that the irradiation area is larger and the illumination is more uniform. 4, no bad glare, no stroboscopic. Eliminate glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference caused by bad glare of ordinary street lamps, and improve driving safety; 5, green environmental protection, does not contain pollution elements, no pollution to the environment; Knowing the principle of luminescence, we need to determine the demand. 【Determine demand]The purpose of users to buy lamps: lighting. Brightness of lighting: Luminous flux customer's final demand: Luminous flux 【Analysis] At present, the solar LED street lamp market is chaotic, and many of them stay in the previous ratio configuration and specific power thinking, but with the progress of science and technology, we need to redefine our light source. We can obviously find that more than 10 years ago, the countryside was still using light bulbs, 100W light bulbs to illuminate a room, and we used energy-saving lamps at the back, 30- 40W can illuminate the whole room, and finally develop to LED light source, 5- 15W can illuminate the whole room, even brighter. The same brightness or higher, but the power is getting smaller and smaller, the power is smaller and more energy-saving. We can't say that the 100 bulb is brighter than the 10 w led lamp, but darker than the 10 w led lamp. What is the reason? Let's compare the following data: Table 1: Table 1: the same power, the same lighting effect, the same brightness. However, the lighting effect cannot be exactly the same. The lighting effect of LED beads varies greatly. Table 2: Table 2: the same power, different lighting effects, different brightness, the higher the lighting effect, the brighter. 【Summary] The brightness of a lamp can not only be simply evaluated by power, but also measured by luminous flux. Regardless of the power, brightness, configuration, etc. , the sky must eventually return to the amount of light emitted. Only the light actually emitted by this lamp is our final appeal. According to this appeal, the source code pioneered the RS standard to determine the light by the total amount and quality of light radiation, to test the standard of solar street lamps. The development of the industry needs standards. Only when there are standards can the industry develop in a standardized way. In the future, the source code will continue to work hard to lead the solar lighting industry to develop in the direction of intelligent standardization and promote the clean and green development of global energy. Key words: Solar street lamp price
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