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How to firmly install lamps for solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-22
The street lamp should choose the orientation of the light source of the lamp, pay attention to the latitude of the place where the lamp is installed, and adjust the angle of the solar panel. The solar street lamp must be installed on the light-facing surface of the solar panel with sufficient light and no shadow throughout the day. Take the northern hemisphere of the solar panel as an example, sitting north and facing South; On the contrary, the southern hemisphere sits South and faces north, and the board can be laid flat near the equator. Ambient operating temperature :-20℃ ~ 60℃. In a relatively cold environment, appropriate system configuration should be added to increase temperature protection. Determine the position of the vertical lamp and investigate the geological conditions. If the ground surface is 1. 2 meters soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened; At the same time to confirm excavation location the following no other facilities. Reserve at the position of vertical lamps (Excavation)1 m 3 pit conforming to the standard; Carry out positioning pouring of embedded parts. Pay attention to keep the embedded parts, the Foundation and the original ground on the same level, or the top of the screw and the original ground on the same level, depending on the needs of the site, do not stop the vibration of the vibrating rod during the pouring process, ensure the integrity and firmness of the whole. After the construction is completed, clean up the residual sludge on the positioning plate in time, and clean the impurities on The Bolt with waste oil. In the process of concrete solidification, regular watering and maintenance are required. 1: manual excavation is adopted, and the depth is below the height of the top surface of the sidewalk 1. 5 meters, width 0. 8 meters. The special steel cage and chassis base customized by street lamp manufacturers are used. After manual leveling and fixing, C30 concrete original groove is used for pouring. 2: the principle of solid design of street lamp foundation in residential quarters must meet certain lighting requirements and maintenance principles. Lighting facilities should have considerable mechanical strength and maintainability in installation process. The principle of beauty is not only whether the lamp type is good-looking or not, but also the position of the lamp type, light and light should be coordinated with the surrounding environment to give people a beautiful feeling. Functional principle and maintenance principle are the basic attributes of community road lighting as public facilities, while aesthetic principle further reflects the level of design and is our goal. 3: specific construction specifications and requirements, can be directly compacted; Soil with large water content and soft rubber shape must be replaced and reinforced. If rotten soil cannot be used as base soil, it should be replaced. If the soil is too dry or too wet, water should be properly added or dried in the sun to achieve the best water content for compaction; After earthwork excavation, safety warning lights must be set along the trench to prevent accidents such as falls. 5: determine the position of the stand lamp; Investigate the geological conditions, if the ground surface 1 meter is soft soil, then the excavation depth should be deepened; At the same time, it is necessary to confirm that there are no other facilities below the excavation position, and there is no long-term sunshade object at the top of the street lamp, otherwise the position should be replaced appropriately. 6: After the construction is completed, clean up the residual sludge on the positioning board in time, and clean the impurities on The Bolt with waste oil. During the solidification process of the concrete, water and maintain it regularly; Only when the concrete is completely solidified can the chandelier be installed.
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