How to improve the brightness of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-19
How to improve the brightness of solar street lamps? What do we need to do? Since the solar street lamp came out, it has been recognized and favored by everyone, because it has made great contributions to saving energy consumption and also provided guarantee for the construction of new countryside. But there are also some people reaction some solar street light is not bright, in addition to the internal reasons, we also need to do something about it? Shenzhen source solar street lamp factory technicians answer for you: 1. Determine the brightness of street lamps before purchasing. Before purchasing solar street lamps, if they are purchased in large quantities, it is best to choose a factory with factory buildings, and to visit the factory in person. If you decide which one to buy, you must tell the other party what the brightness requirements are. If you don't have much concept of this brightness, you can let the other party make a sample. If the demand for brightness is very high, the size of LED light source will be larger. There are also some manufacturers who will choose the most appropriate solution for your own consideration. If you don't need to be particularly bright according to your actual situation, you can also listen to the manufacturer's suggestions. 2. The installation is lower. If the solar street lamp is to be installed on both sides of the road, we should consider whether there are green plants on both sides of the road. Because solar street lamps are converted into electrical energy by absorbing solar energy, if something is blocked, the effect will definitely not be very good. When this happens, you may as well lower the height of the solar light pole and do not completely block the solar panel. 3. Regular inspection of many solar energy projects will not be held after installation, which is certainly not good. Although solar energy does not need maintenance or care, it also needs regular inspection. If any damage is found, it should be repaired in time. If the solar panel has not been cleaned for too long, it should be wiped occasionally. The above is about how to improve the brightness of solar street lamps. Some of the things we need to do are introduced here. Solar street lamps have many advantages, such as energy conservation and environmental protection, labor saving, intelligent control, etc. Moreover, it uses natural resources to make us profit a lot.
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