How to improve the charging efficiency of solar street lamps

by:Road Smart     2020-03-28
At present, some solar street lamps are charged with constant current, which refers to the charging method of adjusting the output of the charging device or changing the resistance in series with the storage battery to keep the charging current constant. Compared with constant voltage charging, the control method of constant current charging is much simpler, but because the ability of the storage battery to accept current in the process of continuous charging will become smaller and smaller, the current will be used for electrolysis of water in the later period, and produce gas. The stage charging combines the charging method of constant voltage and cross current to charge the cross current to the predetermined battery voltage, and then changes to constant voltage to continue charging, finally, when it is almost full, it will be converted into floating charge to complete the final charging process of the battery. How many angles does the solar panel tilt horizontally, so for different latitudes and different roads, the adjustable angle of the solar panel is quite critical. Solar panels are charged indoors, and solar lights can be installed in the parking shed to facilitate parking at night, but solar panels are also installed in the shed at the same time. In the current solar street lamp configuration process, the capacity of the battery is generally 1 of the power of the solar street lamp system. 2 times to meet the demand of night lighting. The whole control circuit should also play a protective role in the charging process of solar street lamps. In the current rapid development of road lighting, for the current development of solar street lamp technology, only by improving the secondary conversion rate of solar street lamp during the daytime charging process can the rapid development of solar street lamp in the future application process be realized.
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