How to improve the utilization rate of solar street lamps in rainy days?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-20
Different kinds of solar street lamps have different combinations of batteries and batteries. The time for continuous work without light is different. The current social solar energy system is more and more widely used, including solar street lamps and solar courtyard lamps, solar insecticidal lamp, solar lawn lamp, solar mosquito lamp, according to the height, there are high pole street lamps, middle pole lamps, road lamps. The battery of the solar street lamp has the ability to store electric energy. It can absorb sunlight through the battery panel, and then store all the sunlight in the battery. The solar panel can't absorb solar energy at night, the controller will inform the battery to supply power to the solar energy. Of course, it also has a certain relationship with the storage capacity of the solar battery. The larger the battery and the solar panel are, the more energy they can store. One: intelligent power regulation can be realized through intelligent means, intelligent judgment of recent weather conditions, and reasonable planning of discharge power. Second: intelligent controller, when there are many rainy days in the land and the solar panel cannot absorb sunlight, the intelligent controller will reduce the loss of its discharge and ensure that it can spend more rainy days. Three: the capacity of the normal battery can guarantee 3 ~ With the improvement of science and technology, some manufacturers can also realize a continuous moon lamp for 7 consecutive rainy days.
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