How to install solar landscape lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-04
When the solar landscape lamp is installed, the foundation civil construction of the lamp pole should have enough strength, the embedded parts should be reliable and suitable for the lamp holder, and there are no tall buildings and trees to block the sun in the considered installation place, make sure there is plenty of sunshine. Remember not to modify it yourself, which will affect the use and service life of solar landscape lamps. 1: The height and specifications of the note, in the city streets to install industrial lighting fixtures should pay attention to the city night scene in the solar lighting lamps and lanterns of the height of the size of the note, in the height should be safe, there will be no impact on passing vehicles. 2: The correct installation of solar landscape lamp, can prolong the service life of solar landscape lamp at the same time can also improve the use efficiency, give full play to the role of solar landscape lamp. 3: special performance. Industrial lighting lamps used for urban solar landscape lighting must have many advantages in service life, be able to adapt to long-term high-intensity lighting work, and be able to save energy. It has the function of preventing wind and sun. 4: ground resistance provisions. The requirement for solar landscape lighting lamps in the industry is that the ground resistance cannot be greater than 2 mw. 5: The solar landscape lamp needs maintenance. The basic maintenance work is to check the lamps regularly and clean the solar panel regularly. The lamps may be damaged, and the conversion rate of solar panel dust will be lower.
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