How to install solar street lamp panels?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-12
When installing the solar street lamp, the site of the planned construction should be surveyed, the installation method and location should be determined, the range of installation on site should be measured, and the orientation angle and inclination angle of the battery module matrix should be determined. If construction is unavoidable, it is also necessary to ensure that the solar panel can receive sunlight from 9: 00 to 16: 00, or the power of the solar panel needs to be increased to make up for it. The interval between solar panels should be determined strictly according to the design requirements. When installing on the light pole, the direction should be determined in front of the pole, and the orientation of solar panels should be toward the equator as far as possible. 1: According to the design requirements, connect the positive and negative poles of the Assembly with insulated multi-strand copper wires. The wires should be colored separately. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the polarity cannot be connected incorrectly. According to the ambient temperature during installation, the temperature parameters of the conductor should have a margin. 2: solar panels cannot be installed in shading places such as trees and buildings. Not close to open flames or beside flammable materials; The bracket for assembling the battery plate should be able to meet the environmental requirements, and reliable materials should be selected and necessary anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out. 3: the wire connection should be firm, should not increase the contact resistance, to meet its mechanical strength requirements, the insulation winding layer of its joint, not only to meet the insulation strength, should also consider its weather resistance performance requirements. 4: Use spring gasket and flat gasket to fix the panel assembly on the bracket. The panel assembly is grounded in an appropriate manner according to the site environment and the state of the assembled bracket structure. 5: often wipe the surface of the component with a soft cloth. If you really want to replace (Generally, it is not required within 20 years)Components must be of the same type and model. Do not touch the active part of the cable or connector by hand. If necessary, use appropriate safety equipment. 6: The battery board assembly has a pair of male and female waterproof plugs. When the electrical connection is made in series, the 'pole plug' of the previous assembly shall be connected to the '-'Pole plug. The output circuit should be properly connected to the device.
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