How to install solar street lamps for construction site?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-26
There are many controllers, inverters and other equipment for solar street lamps used in construction sites. In order to reduce the cost, if the load current is large or the charging current is large, the heat will increase and the internal resistance of the controller's field tube will increase, the service life of the field tube is greatly reduced or even burned after overheating, especially the outdoor environment temperature in summer is very high, so a good heat dissipation device should be essential for the controller. Solar street lamp pole height 3 m- 4 meters, the light pole is welded with high-quality Q235 steel. The color of the light pole can be white or black, or the user can choose at will. Street lamps are easy for workers to install and have high brightness. They can be removed or moved at will when not in use. They combine solar panels with storage batteries and controllers, to a large extent, it is convenient for users to install. Solar street lamps use solar panels to convert solar radiation into electric energy during the day, and then store the electric energy in the storage battery through an intelligent controller. When the intelligent controller detects that the illuminance is reduced to a certain value, it controls the storage battery to provide power to the light source load, so that the light source will automatically light up when it is dark. The intelligent controller protects the charge and overdischarge of the storage battery. First, the street lamps at the construction site are easy for workers to install and can be removed or moved at will when not in use. Unlike other solar street lamps, this lamp also needs to be installed with solar panels, which put solar panels and batteries, the controllers are put together to facilitate the installation of users to a great extent. Second, solar lamp control does not need to open the maintenance hole, but can be controlled by remote control. It adopts the best existing energy storage equipment: lithium iron phosphate battery, which has a service life three times that of ordinary battery. Third, the solar lamp control does not need to open the maintenance hole, and can be controlled at will by remote control; Four: pouring the road lamp foundation embedded parts: in the excavation of 1 m deep pit, and one end of the steel wire pipe is placed in the middle of the embedded parts, and the other end is placed in the storage battery. And keep the embedded parts, foundation and ground on the same horizontal plane. During the pouring process, the stirring is uniform to ensure the compactness and firmness of the whole embedded part. Five: connect the output line of the solar panel, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the correct panel, and tie the output line of the panel with a tie. Tin plating is carried out to prevent wire oxidation. Then put the connected battery panel aside and wait for threading. Six: LED lamp installation :(1) Put the light line through the lamp arm, and leave a section of light line at one end of the installation of the lamp cap to install the lamp cap. (2) Put the other end of the light line through the hole along the line reserved in the light pole, and then put the light line along the end 1 of the head of the light pole and install the light head at the other end of the light line. Seven: light pole lifting. (1) Before lifting the lamp pole, be sure to check the fixing of each component, check whether there is any deviation between the lamp cap and the battery plate, and make appropriate adjustments. (2) When the light pole is lifted to the right top of the ground, slowly put the light pole, rotate the light pole at the same time, adjust the light cap to face the road surface, and the hole on the flange plate is aligned with the anchor bolt. (3) After the flange plate falls on the foundation, cover the flat pad, spring pad and nut in turn, and finally tighten the nut evenly with a wrench to fix the lamp rod.
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