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How to judge high-quality solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-19
Know more about specific types. There are mainly panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, light sources and other corresponding components. Therefore, when selecting solar cells, the material, color difference, charging current, conversion efficiency and other factors of the photovoltaic panel should also be considered. We should understand the specific type, discharge rate, working environment, etc. Of course, when choosing the controller, we should also understand the waterproof performance. To understand the specific matching situation. Many manufacturers, the products produced, when lighting, the corresponding stability, is not so strong, the main reason is that there are corresponding problems in matching. Matching Performance is one of the most important indicators. 1: Understand that the lamp holder of solar street lamp is LED lamp holder. The thinness and thickness of its shell are important factors affecting the quality of solar street lamp, and the structure inside has aluminum substrate. The battery depends on whether the battery is a special battery for energy storage. Now many small companies use the power supply to store the most energy, which greatly damages the life of led solar street lamps. 2: Be sure to see the detailed configuration of the street lamp. Things that are too complicated can't be seen, but the power of the lamp, the size of the battery, the capacity of the battery, etc. Because of this, the wind of virtual capacity in the market is getting stronger and stronger. If you don't know how to distinguish it, you will probably suffer losses. 3: look at the manufacturer's warranty time. Under normal circumstances, the warranty time of street lamps is 1- 3 years, the longer the warranty time, it shows that the quality of this product is excellent, the price will be relatively high. 4: whether it is hot-dip galvanizing plastic spraying and cold galvanizing plastic spraying. The difference between the two is blocking, and the cold galvanizing is blocking without coating. Half of the lamp cap is 60, and the wall thickness is 2. About 8. The life of the cold galvanized light pole is generally about one year. As long as we can grasp the above points, we will not be deceived when we choose the solar led street lamp. 5: whether it is often used, what are the requirements for its brightness and life, and the configuration and price of solar street lamps are also different. A set of solar street lamps with very good configuration will accept the light of the Sun very well. The light is also very soft and will not stab the eyes. Moreover, the lighting time is relatively long. If there is rainy weather halfway, it can also be continuously illuminated. 6: the average brightness of the road has different brightness requirements according to the grade of the road. Generally, the expressway and the main road need a brightness requirement of more than 2cd/m2, while the secondary road and the auxiliary Road or the residential road are relatively low. 7: Road lighting should strive to be within a certain range of discomfort glare, generally expressed by G value, in general, G = 7.
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